Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pardon our mess

Gack! I've accidentally hit "publish" twice on an entry that wasn't ready yet. You'll see them if you're using google reader. Please disregard and check back later today.

Maybe it's time for me to get out of the Game. The Game of Blogging. I'm getting slow on the draw. Or I guess, too quick on the draw.

I could retire... set up a nice website somewhere, get myself a Tamagotchi for companionship.

Every once in a while some young punk looking to make a name for himself will stop by, click on "contact us."

"They say you used to be a blogger. They say you used to be the best."

-"You got the wrong guy, kid. I don't do that anymore. I ask you now to please move along. I have to ask a second time, won't be so polite."

"Just what I thought. You're nothing but a wash up. I guess I'll let you get back to your Gateway computer to check your AOL account."

[B. sets his jaw]



[B. uploads a picture of John McCain and adds his own hilarious caption. The younger man is stunned. He's never seen anyone use a macbook track-pad that fast.]

-"Whoever told you I used to be the best was wrong. I'm still the best. Now I ask you again, move along."

That was a pretty good story. I call it Unforgiven.


  1. HAHA so great. if you ever stop blogging i might die.

    so i'm just sayin...keep that in mind...

  2. You can't stop blogging. There's too much at stake.