Friday, October 17, 2008

of plumbers and politicians

Did you see the final Presidential debate? McCain would not shut up about that Plumber guy. He thinks that the Plumber represents the average American, but it just shows that he's still 8-Bit in a 360 world.

And yes, yes, Mario is a great man. A true American hero. Nevertheless, King Koopa never posed a direct threat to the United States. And his so-called "Weapons of Mass Destruction" were nothing more than bullets with large biceps and plants that spit tiny slow-moving fireballs.

Then you've got Mario's running mate, who poses herself as the spokeswoman for Joe Toadstool, even though she's extremely wealthy. Go ahead and ask her how many castles she has. I bet she doesn't even know.


  1. Love it! Now that's fresh! Oh, to harken back to a simpler time!

  2. If only we could solve all our economic problems by breaking bricks with our heads and eating magic mushrooms.

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