Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the magic loom of fate

Today's news! I got an e-mail read on the Jim Rome Show. Jim wasn't there, he had a couple of guest hosts. Still, it's a national show and they get millions of e-mails a day.

The guest hosts were Petros and Money and freakin' Petros was yelling the whole time. So I e-mailed:


That thing in front of your mouth is not a telephone from 1956. It's called a microphone. It's function is to amplify your voice to a level suitable for broadcast. There is no need to continue screaming.

- B in SLC

war bums using saltines as business cards*

* - Chris came up with that one.

On the 4th I saw Wanted with Natali. We both loved it. It was that rare combination of awesome and so ridiculous it's awesome. The exploding rats, the donut glaze baths, the loom, and most importantly the keyboard scene. Yeah.

Speaking of movies, last night I saw Wall-E with Emily. Holy crap. What a masterpiece. An instant classic, if you will (you WILL!). I sure liked that little robit, and the movie's prediction for the future of the human race seems eerily probable.


I celebrated Independence Day at someone's house. I'm not sure who's. Damian had a pack of fireworks and Mastered the Ceremonies as only he can.

The ol' Hotfoot. What a great prank.

Damian dedicated each firework to various historically significant events.

Why? Well it all started with this.

Yes, that's the 9-11 Never Forget Twin Towers fountain. Weird? It left a lot of people incredulous. And it can be argued that this is in poor taste:

Thing is, I had forgotten. I mean I hadn't forgotten forgotten, but it had been archived away with my seldom-accessed memories. So I guess it was effective?

This fountain was dedicated to WWII and Band of Brothers. It... hey, hmmmm.

Ooh! Yes! Yes!

Ahhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


Ahem. Anyway. Fireworks.

Did you know that if you don't light sparklers on the 4th of July you waive your right to independence for an entire year?

Here I enjoy my sparkler while thinking about how much I hate meat pies and monarchies.

Two hearts, beating as one.

After that, a few of us went on a simple hike to a scenic reservoir.

I don't remember anything happening Saturday. Did I sleep through the whole thing? I might have. Saturday night my favorite Grovers were in town so we went to this hippie-yuppie place where beef is served as medallions and the tea is iced. I look weird in this picture, like I'm smoking a Gandalf pipe. (photo courtesy of Judy)

The end.


  1. I love B photos. Not referring here to photos OF you, but to photos you take. (compliment and roast all in one!) Such as the black and white one in this post. Also, I think you need to add a file category for "Pyromania".

  2. I guess I waived my independence for a year because I worked no fire on the 4th. Instead I spent the whole evening by myself watching Empire Strikes Back and eating mint crispy m&m's.

  3. Wow Man, I've been scanning through your previous posts, and you really are a great photographer! All-around great blog.


  4. Damian has a firebeard!

  5. Did you document a fireworks orgasm?
    You're weird, dude.