Thursday, July 3, 2008

all things must pass

The time finally came for me to sell my car, Gertrude old girl... I mean, Betty. Having two cars just isn't practical, it turns out.

I remember the night I got her, driving home from Bountiful and listening to a Me First and the Gimme Gimmes CD. Maybe I shouldn't be admitting that. I had to work at 6am the next morning and I parked it by the window so I could look at it all day. Also I beat my high score in Bejeweled many times over. What a great day.

So many memories: driving places... parking... idling... I could go on and on.

There were a lot of repairs needed on the car, and I kept putting it off because I didn't want to drop the kind of mad bones it would take to fix it. I finally did and it turned out that fixing every single thing wrong with it cost less than $200. Roast.

I put an ad on Craigslist with no response. Luckily my uncle needed a new car. He didn't even test drive it or ask what kind of mileage it got or anything. Just came over and looked at it and asked if it had a CD player. He just got a tattoo based on a Rush album cover, but don't tell Gordon, who we see here, on the outside looking in.

As I was waving goodbye to the car Gordon backed out in front of it and both cars ended up totalled. Oh well. Not my car, not my problem.

You were a good ride Betty. Catch you later on down the trail.


  1. It's weird for me to say this, because I know you, but you look badass in that picture.

  2. SERIOUSLY. sean speaks the truth. sepia pretty much makes everyone look badass and mythical and historically relevant and all, but this is exceptional.

  3. It also gave me a flashback to Martin L. Gore, albeit much less delicate and feminine.

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