Monday, July 21, 2008

choose wisely

I didn't do anything this weekend. I saw The Dark Knight again. It's pretty great. I don't really have anything new to contribute to the collective conversation about the movie, so I'm not going to offer any sort of review. I will say that it really needs to be seen on an Imax screen. It's totally worth the extra money and inconvenience. Gotham City has never felt so Imaxy before. I'll probably end up seeing it ten times this summer, and I'm not even that much of a nerd.*

Aside from that, nothing to report. I'm going to use this opportunity to rest up. Take a quick little break from the Suede. Wednesday morning I'm leaving on an adventure that I'm sure will keep us busy for a while. I may try to do some live blogging, but if not I'll be back with a huge update next week, most likely Tuesday afternoon.

So, uh... what should we talk about now?

* - or am I? stay tuned


  1. Obama in Iraq ... ready? GO

  2. let's talk about spaceships

  3. Becky, let's talk about you and me tonight. No wait, spaceships.

    Joy -

  4. well sonofabitch.

    copy that link, then add this:


  5. estelle getty. let's talk about estelle getty.