Tuesday, March 25, 2008

when you walk through the garden

alright i'm back and i'm reinvigorated. you may notice that i've given up on using capital letters. i feel so free. i've also given up on using a wallet and i just carry around a wad of crisp hundreds and a state-issued identification card. and twelve credit cards. and my insurance card in case i get stabbed in the head in an unfamiliar city.

speaking of unfamiliar cities, i have a pending adventure in about three weeks. i'm really excited for it and you'll read about it after it happens.

today i got a haircut at the same place i wrote about a few weeks ago. outstanding haircut. that guy really knows his business, despite his eccentricities. when i showed up he was painting "haircuts $9.00" on the side of his building. when he finished he said "that's seven dollars. i'm painting nine on the building but it's only seven."

so, weekend. really good one. i've found that a really great weekend doesn't always translate into a really great blog. tales of misery and woe work better in this medium than a series of "you had to be there" moments. but we'll try it.

friday night i hung out with Emily and a couple of friends i've not seen in a while. i was in a rare mood. i was eager to throw down. it was a beautiful spring night in SLC and i wante to make the scene.

(note that SLC is capitalized above. proper names and acronyms will still be capitalized)

a few ideas were bandied about and we decided on dinner at Red Rock. i had a tasty sandwich.

then this happened

then we went to the Tavernacle (it's a play on words). this bar has a lot going for it. good location, non-smoking, rowdy crowds. the bar features "dueling pianos," but they take turns so a more apt name would be "alternating pianos." really fun place but i don't think you'd make a habit of going there. maybe you would if you were an alcoholic and lived nearby.

now we'll talk about drinking for a while. a had a couple swallows of champagne on New Year's Eve but i haven't had a drop since then. i wasn't some kind of crazy party man before, but i just wanted to examine my motivations a bit. like say, i'd go to dinner and just automatically order a beer, even if i didn't really want it. that's not a habit i want. i also wanted to prove that i could have fun without drinking, should i someday find myself in a circumstance where drinking is discouraged.

i went 77 days before finally breaking the streak on St. Patrick's day. i didn't want to be beholden to some streak anyway.

so yeah, Tavernacle. i drank Jameson's that night because that's what McNulty drinks on The Wire (and you thought i was done talking about The Wire!)

a few years ago i was with Emily and she ordered a Jameson's and i accidentally ordered something pink with a lime in it. i felt like a real tool.

this girl insisted on dancing on the pianos all night. the bouncers would drag her down and she'd act all indignant and give them the double bird, only to get right back up there. oh, by "dancing" i mean "bobbing up and down slightly"

then this clod got in on the action.

here's Mr. Afterthought Ponytail staring at my friend.

at one point something drew me outside...


anyway, fun night. one of the funnest. and the important thing is that i didn't call or text anyone. right...?

there's a lot more i could say but it just wouldn't convey anything. hey here's the thing about drunken stories: they suck. "i was already like, smashed, and then Ricky gave me a bottle of Marimbara and i swear i drank like half of it. i was all 'where's the mayor? get the mayor on the phone!' and then Ricky was all "har-ti-tar-ti-tar-ti-tar.'" i guess i just don't like glorified idiocy. my stories are good though, maybe i'll tell some more later. i think mine are more self-deprecating than glorifying.

oh! i almost forgot. somehow an empty shotglass made it's way into my pocket. it is now front and center in my vast paraphenelia/ephemera collection. that's how fun Friday night was.

Saturday i was going to go to a show but didn't make it. so instead we'll substitute this show that i went to last Wednesday. the band was called Say Hi, formerly knows as Say Hi to Your Mom. i'd never heard them before but Lee and Lisa convinced me to come along and i'm glad they did.

hey, sample a song why you don't? Say Hi - Let's Talk About Spaceships.

the show was at Kilby Court which was nice because it allowed me to add to my collection of interesting bathroom pictures.

Sunday i slept too long. also Happy Easter. is there anything better than a spring night in the SL Valley? Besides an autumn night?


  1. as a current fellow teetotaler, I commend you on your streak! (I took things a bit far with my lenten agreement last year and quietly remained on the wagon...)

    BUT THAT'S ABOUT TO CHANGE! Big things coming in May. I'll have that champagne yet.

    "Interesting" is one way of describing that sink...

  2. There's a website where you can go to check out which sex offenders live near you. They all look like that guy with the ponytail.

    www.familywatchdog.us .

  3. I can't decide which would've been cooler -- to go 77 days like you did, or to purposely go however many days till 8-8-08? and then throw down at exactly 8:08 and 8 seconds.

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