Monday, March 10, 2008


How many days was your weekend? How many apes did you befriend? Huh?

I had a three-day weekend because I just wanted an extra day off. No occasion for it. Friday night... nothing worth reporting. Oh, I cleaned out my freezer. There was stuff in there from when I first moved in three years ago.

Saturday night, big party in honor of Lee moving into Damian's house (both those guys are linked over there) and Danny H.'s birthday (he will be linked soon but isn't yet due to laziness).

Lots of good folk there. I almost found myself in a quagmire of a political argument but luckily Scott showed up with his new sword and distracted everybody.

You might remember that last week his old sword was stolen. This sword is way better. So much more honorable.

Some little girl put a dinosaur on my head. Kids have the worst jokes.

Also, black velvet painting of a temple.

I wish I had more pictures of the party but I'm sure someone out there in the blog-o-sphere has some.

On Sunday I got really confused and thought it was still last Sunday so I drove for hours to visit an old mining town and cemetery. My life is reruns, man.

Actually, my mom up and adopted herself a cat. She spent weeks researching pet adoption sites and finally found one she liked in Rifle, Colorado. The foster parents agreed to meet halfway in Price, Utah so my mother and I had ourselves a little road trip.

The early morning got off to a bad start when the fowl conspired to block my egress.

They wouldn't move! I inched closer and closer and honked the horn, and more ducks would come sit in the road. So we didn't end up taking my car.

Morning sure is pretty. I wish I could see it more often.

Before we get to the journey, how about you meet the new cat.

She's a very regal thing, but still quite skittish. Haven't decided on a name yet. The final candidates are Sushi, Maneki-Neko, Wasabi, and Ricky.

The drive to Price is on the perilous Highway 6. Old school Microsuede readers will remember that I wrote about this last year. Sunday morning was great though. No traffic, clear skies. It's actually a nice scenic drive.

We had some time to kill so we stopped by the old mining town of Helper. It's aged much better than Eureka, and people still live there since the coal-mining industry hasn't dried up yet.

Old signs, yep.

The streets were empty because I guess everyone was in church. Or working the mines. Or dead.

Lies! Piggly Wiggly only operates in seventeen U.S. states.

On the way back I wanted to stop at an old cemetery just off the Highway. It's called Mill Fork, and the graves there are very very old but it's still maintained by the descendants.

This section contains fourteen unknown travelers that were killed by Indians in the 1800s.

Leaving the cemetery some IDIOT was overconfident in the four-wheel drive and got us stuck in the snow. That same idiot had to crawl around on his hands and knees digging snow with an empty water bottle between intervals of pushing and lifting the car. Luckily another wayward traveler happened by and helped out. Thanks, whoever you are.

Sunday night: THE SERIES FINALE OF THE WIRE!!! - 30 -

Monday, the third day. Now look, I complain alot about that goose that's alway hassling me. You might think I'm just goofing around but it's a serious problem. This is the view from my bedroom window Monday morning.

Nothing on my plate Monday except for going to the zoo to look at orangutans. Kind of ridiculous that I watch them on TV all the time but haven't bothered to go see them in real life when four of them are only minutes away.

The zoo has a two year old named Acara, and she's awesome.

Here's the father, Eli. He's like a big ball of chewbacca.

Eve, the mother. She seemed to be in some distress today and Eli and Acara tried to comfort her to no avail.

This cool customer is Talukan. He's in a separate area from the other family, all by himself.

He yawns alot.

The best part is when Acara came over to say hi.

I almost always have my laptop with me, and I pulled it out to try to take a picture with the Mac-Cam. That's when she first came over. She was fascinated with my computer. Every time I pulled it back out she came over to take a look.

Finally, here's a gorilla reading the paper.


  1. Where's Gordon when you need him?

    He would have found a piece of wood and whittled you a shovel.

  2. i love eli and his smooshy face so much. and can i place my vote for the name Ricky?

  3. That's awesome, man. Sounds like a fun trip. If you're interested, there are pictures of Orangutans from the San Diego Zoo on my latest blog entry. You may enjoy. They had a little soap opera thing going on...but I didn't go into details because Blogger was pissing me off. There was a love triangle involved...and an alpha male named Clyde...

  4. I had an eleven day weekend thankyoverymuch. As a matter of fact, I probably passed you on Hwy 6 or whatever that road is called, last sunday.

    Happy 1 year anniversary!!!!!

  5. For your one-year blogiversary, I think I will bring you a compact shovel to keep in your car.

  6. Uh, hon, that's not a rubber alligator.. It's a real one that's has albino pigmentation. Go to the zoo again and guaranteed, that pose in your picture will have changed. LOL.

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