Friday, March 28, 2008


i've had a busy week. been doing family stuff, and other stuff that isn't family stuff. my idiot brother Sean is in town. we just got into a big argument over whether or not i can post a picture of his tattoo on my blog.

"can i post that picture of your tattoo on my blog?"



"will you give me a dollar?"


"then no, you can't."

"come on."


"come on."


"come on."

"fine, whatever."

"nah forget it, i don't even want to post it anymore."

"okay then, fine."

"but can i?"

"well not anymore!"

remember a few weeks ago when i saw Porter Rockwell's house? did you know Porter has his own Place? on Tuesday me and the fellas went there for steak, but none of us got steak after all. funny how life works sometimes.

Scott got himself a drink called the Silver Queen. he really liked it.

Scott: "is this place haunted?"

Waiter: "no."

the bathroom was eerie though. and the old newspapers lining the wall proved that old adage, "stuff used to be a lot cheaper."

make no mistake. Porter Rockwell was a scary mofo.

Wednesday i went back to Kilby to see a unit called Headlights.

great show! these kids are going places.

Headlights - TV

have you ever seen one of these, whaddya call 'em, babies? they're like puppies, but for humans. my cousin has one. answers to the name of Jonah. i met him for the first time last night and i was amazed by how tiny he was. that's my hand and then his hand there on the left (the smaller of the two).


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  3. okay that the picture of you + baby is guaranteed to get you chicks

  4. seeeriously. put that baby up everywhere you can. ovaries everywhere will explode with love.

  5. Yeah, the pic of you and the baby is cute for sure.