Monday, March 17, 2008

a variety of snack

I picked the wrong day to give up coffee.

Friday! Pie.

Saturday! rained

Sunday! What?

I had to buy these. Opening the bag was an assault on the senses. They taste like that rotten beach smell. Why do they exist?
Ad I heard on the radio: "Who says you can't be Irish and Goth?" I know I've never said that.


  1. They loooove those shrimp chips in Korea. Everyone eats them all the time. Little bags of them in school lunches. A bowl of them at the pot luck. They're everywhere. It's a smelly affair.

  2. In South Africa, they brought out a brand on chips called Creoles. They were probably much the same. Apparently they tasted good, but I could never get past the smell.

  3. ohhh, shrimp chips. Well, I might as well come clean: I was totally raised on these. My mom (orig. from the Phillipines) used to give these to me and my brother. What's worse? We LOVED them. They're shaped like little french fries, and I guuuess they taste like shrimp? More like fried salt.