Saturday, July 21, 2007

Discovering the Giant within

Foggy morning in San Francisco. I'm on my way to Beckstead's, from which we will make our way to The Park Chalet for brunch with the gang. Walking down a hill I see this. Might make a good Christmas present for your favorite blogger (HINT HINT!)

Alex Becks is out grocery shopping and champion wiener dog Milo awaits his return.

I had no idea what was in store for me when I woke up, but this morning I will fall in love with tv cooking show host Nigella Lawson.

She's making chili and cornbread, and even though there's something very wrong about hearing the world "guacamole" pronounced in a distinguished British accent, I am entranced.

She's married though. Dammit. That's the only thing keeping us apart.

The Park Chalet is pretty cool. Nice location in the woods across from the beach.

I know San Francisco has a progressive attitude toward a lot of things, but some children are too young to be riding bikes.

I enjoy my food. I get the eggs benedict because I have to order it whenever it's on a menu. 9 times out of 10 it's awful, but when done right, oh baby. These were done right. Everyone else's food looked really good too.

Then I departed to go to the Giants game. I have proof, see?

Here's McCovey Cove, where the kayakers bloody each others noses over the chance to snag a Barry Bonds homerun.

Not many Kayakers out today, which is good because Bonds goes 0-4. What a jerk.

After the game I spot a Wild Dodger, which is unusual because you usually don't see them this far north.

I don't know if you can tell what's going on in this picture, but it's a limo driver that looks like Sayid fighting a cab driver that looks like Super Mario.

R2-D2 Mailbox! One of this blog's oldest storylines finally comes to a satisfying conclusion.

Don't forget about this.

Went back to the Beckstead's for dinner with Wayne, and you can sort of read about that on their blog here.


  1. The last time I went to a ball game there, they had dogs that would leap into the water to retrieve the home run balls for you.

    Way more interesting that boring old tree hugging kayakers.

  2. Damn, I've got to start watching Food Network more. I'm sorry, you were saying something about San Francisco... :)