Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekend Report - a day late

Um... pass.

Okay fine.

Friday Night
  • Got home from work, fell asleep.
  • Woke up, took a shower.
  • Fell asleep.
  • Went to work at damn 7am. It sucked.
  • An otherwise nice woman said to me: "Are you from the South? No? Well, I'm not being rude here, but the people in the South literally do not have an ounce of intelligence among them." Bold words.
  • I like the South.
  • Too humid though.
  • But they have the best cemeteries.
  • Of course, I've never been to Europe.
  • After work me n' Terrence Rex tried to obtain a copy of Trainspotting. Blockbuster didn't have it and we were gonna go to Hollywood Video but got distracted by Little Caesars. Instead of Trainspotting we enjoyed a hot n' ready and watched Band of Brothers (episode 3: Carentan) for literally the millionth time.
  • Sat around for a while as various people came and went.
  • Went to the free Jazz fest at the City and County Building. I wish I'd had my camera because the City and County Building looks great in the evening's dimming light.
  • On the way there we saw this old guy. I mean really old. He was sitting in a chair on his front lawn, and he was all leathery and had an insanely long white beard. He was a real life version of Jasper from The Simpsons (google him). We were all so amazed we had to drive by again.
  • Ran into an old friend I've not seen in a while. We acknowledged each other and kept walking without missing a step.
  • Is it okay to admit that I don't really care about jazz? I mean, I like the classics just fine, and I enjoy nighttime jazz on the local public radio station, but other than that I'm not really into it, y'know?
  • Besides, the music I heard wasn't jazz at all, but some cruel hybrid of jazz, funk, and blues, watered down and weak sauced. I don't think people even write this music, it just happens.
  • Scott and Andy (who you don't know, unless you do) engaged in a hula hoop battle. That was something. Also saw a Jazz Guy going crazy with his mad hula hoop skillz.
  • Jazz Guy = frizzy hair, jean shorts, cell phone on belt, fancy silk cabana shirt, beer in hand. Jazz Guy was out in full force on this night.
  • (not to be confused with Utah Jazz Guy. Maybe we'll talk about him next year).
  • Thanks to my Richard Winters-esque quick thinking (google him) I totally rescued dessert for everybody, even though it meant sacrificing my own coffee to room temperatureness.
  • Second attempt at Trainspotting. The long-hair working at Hollywood hadn't even heard of it. Aren't video store clerks supposed to be film geeks?
  • Nothing else at the video store, nothing else at the Red Box.
  • Back to the house (not my house) to watch Harry Potter 4. I don't know anything about Harry Potter. I saw the third one in the theatre but slept through it because I'd been hiking all day.
  • Left after 45 minutes. Not because the movie was bad, but because I so tired.
  • (I left out the part about how Saturday night I was in the worst mood ever).


  1. Maybe the long-hair at Hollywood was originally from the South.

  2. And also you left because Harry Potter 4 (the movie) sucks.


  4. dude i was totally at the festival. i too had to get up early on saturday...and I also saw Harry 4 (which did not suck at all, miss e-i don't know you though so i won't judge). You and me, suedie, We are living in a parallel world.