Saturday, April 4, 2009

random excitement from the last few weeks (excessively green)

Got a couple picture-laden posts coming up but we have some things to catch up on. Like how yesterday I filmed a role in a major motion picture.

Seeing this room in the studio was amazing. This must be what ballplayers feel like going to Yankee Stadium for the first time. What I wouldn't give to paint that room.

Unless I'm forgetting something, this is my third on-screen role in a film. Along with Guy Graduating from College and Internet Poker Champion, you can now add Fan at Fantasy/Sci-Fi Convention. In a lot of ways it's my most personal role to date. My co-star was Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords so if you're lucky you'll see my big head on the big screen reacting to him. I'll be in the bottom left corner.

On St. Patrick's Day I learned that in the future accessories will be made of neon!

If that technology isn't enough for you, then check this out.

Green beer! Can you even believe it?!

You should know though, that beer doesn't lead to happiness.

Finally, my young canon sd750 died a couple weeks ago. This is the last picture it ever took.

Later that night I dropped it and it broke. Good thing I forgot to get the extended warranty. I got a new camera and made sure the warranty covered me being an idiot. It does.


  1. it's poetic that the last picture your camera took was a sunset.

  2. Has, by chance, your new camera taken any pictures of punks?

  3. Becky took the words right out of my mouth! RIP

  4. Being an idiot or being drunk on green beer?