Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the ghosts of me and you

It all started here, during Leland's countdown of his ten favorite albums of the year. Surprise of surprises, Less Than Jake checked in at number 7. Less Than Jake. A name I've not thought of in a long, long time.

Really though, it started here. Ages ago, in 1996. I was working at the Holladay Library, and with my very first paycheck I went to the Sam Goody at the Cottonwood Mall and bought Less Than Jake's seminal album, Losing Streak.

That same day I bought the nylon flight jacket that I would bedeck with buttons and patches bearing the logos of ska bands young and old. The same jacket I was wearing when I ran afoul of some nazis in front of the Albertson's (a story for another time).

Intrigued by Lee's very well written review, I got Less Than Jake's latest, GNV FLA. It's great. It might be their best record yet. LTJ quickly became the official soundtrack of Adventure Days and when I saw that they were coming to play in my town I got awfully excited. What follows is a chronicle of one of my funnest nights in recent memory.

I decided my flight jacket should probably remain in the back of the closet where it can't hurt anybody. I wanted to show off my old-school credentials somehow though so I transfered the back-patch to my favorite hoodie.

It's held on there with safety pins, which is totally punk.

I'd never been to the MURRAY SUPERTHEATER before but I have admired their sign from afar.

Great place. I hope it survives and starts taking away shows from In the Venue, the worst music venue in the history of music.

This was the Expendables, a very confusing band.

First of all, those aren't even green lights, just regular lights made green by all the ganja smoke in the air. This band was so confusing! Kind of this Sublimey rocksteady sound punctuated with Luca Turilli-esque guitar solos, made by guys that look like a second-tier nu-metal band. And every song is about smoking bowls.

I'm not trying to be mean, just painting a picture. I actually really liked them. I was just confused.

Waiting for Less Than Jake, Lee and I could barely contain our excitement. Well not really. A couple of old punks like us don't give a shit about anything or anyone.

They came out to the Star Wars theme, then played along with it. So, that's great. Hard to get pictures early on because of all the slam moshing.

Luckily the whole crowd seemed to run out of breath at the same time (which is to say, about fifteen minutes after I was completely spent), and things settled down.

Roger said it was the biggest circle pit the theater had ever seen. And I didn't think it would ever be possible to top the one at the Mason Jennings show.

Lots of banter between songs.


Dear Touring Bands,

We've heard all the jokes. 3.2 beer, polygamy, etc.


Utah Audiences.

The show ended strong with "Does the Lion City Still Roar," and "Look What Happened," (all these links I'm posting are optional, by the way).

Encore started with a sort of solo version of "The Rest of My Life."

JR came out to provide some solid backing vocals.

Then Buddy Goldfinger filled in a kick-ass trombone solo. (that's right. I said "kick-ass trombone solo.")

Finished up with the two opening tracks from the latest album and "All My Best Friends are Metalheads."

Since this whole thing was kind of a high school throwback, we ended up at a place I haven't been to since high school, The Belge.

They have a surprisingly good burger. And the waitress seemed genuinely concerned that we drive safe.

I also had a nice conversation about fish tanks with The Dude, which is amazing because he's a fictional character.

Anyway, Less Than Jake rules.


  1. For my birthday in '99, Brian paid for "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads" to be played on The Box.

  2. Also, this was so awesome.

  3. Also this POST was so awesome.

  4. Sam Goody!

    please elaborate on the following:
    your conversation with The Dude.
    that time w/ the supermarket nazis.

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