Saturday, April 11, 2009

goofing off

I have two very important pieces of news.

1) I got a job. It's with a company and my job title is King of the Office or something. It's a grown-up job so this will probably be the last I'll mention of it 'cause I reckon I should probably be professional.

I'm still working on my novel though, so don't worry about that.

2) I made an Easter Egg that looks like Spiderman.

The egg-dying occurred at my new friend Morgan's house.

He belongs to Christopher and Tasha. Last week I went adventuring in small-town Utah with Tasha as the guide. The destination was Tasha's homebase, Morgan. What are the chances that she'd be from Morgan and then end up having a kid named Morgan?

I took this as a good sign:

We went to a restaurant called, um... well I can't remember. But it was really good. I had a burger that used pita bread instead of a bun! Only in Morgan, as they say.

I also attacked this insanely large pink cookie.

There's a neat industrial/ghost-towny area called Croydon. Lots of iron and rust. I think I'll go back and try to get some more pictures. This road leads to a cement plant and some cows.


The city of Morgan is pastoral and rainy. It also has a haunted (presumably) church that has burned down three times. The latest time it was the hippies' fault.

This is called the Devil's Slide. This picture was actually taken in 2003 but it hasn't changed much since then.

end of post.


  1. I am really impressed with the egg you made. Really.

  2. your pictures are beautiful! and that restaurant is called taggart's. yum! let's do that again!

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