Sunday, April 19, 2009

after laughter comes tears

Hey! I'm here. Starting in to Week 2 on the NJ (new job). TGIM am I right? Here are some quick impressions after Week 1:

- the break room has six garbage cans.
- there's a field full of sheep nearby.
- I was reaching in the fridge for my lunch and accidentally knocked over a huge tupperware thing full of lima beans. My goodness there were beans everywhere! I picked them up one by one even though they were gross and slimy. I felt really bad though because if someone had destroyed my snack, even as weird a snack as that, I'd be pretty cranked. So I left a note and a dollar on the now empty tupperware thing in the fridge. Later that day I was back in the breakroom trying to decide which garbage can to throw my empty sugar packets in when a few people had a laugh at my note, not knowing it was me. I guess they find decency funny.

Friday night I decided to celebrate the new job proper by hitting the town. Went to the gallery stroll. It was uh... well the weather was nice. Apparently some people really don't care for it though.

Then we went to the Bayou (a private club for members) where I accidentally ordered a drink in a fancy glass with a straw. That happens to me a lot and I hate it. From now on the only cocktail I'm ever going to order is a lemon juice and lighter fluid.

Whoa by the way I can't say enough good things about the ahi taco at the Bayou. I want some right now.

I got a little buzzy but I tried really hard to keep it professional so as not to appear foolish.

Big Lebowski, for probably the 78th time. Still holds up.

I slept on a couch and left for home at 6am. Almost every street was blocked by a battalion of cop cars. I didn't know what was going on and assumed the worst but it turns out they were just blocking the route for the Salt Lake Marathon. That little fun run nearly ruined Record Store Day.

(illustration courtesy of

Record Store Day! My new favorite holiday, right up there with Thanksgiving and Comic-Con. It's a nationwide event to promote indie record stores. Lots of limited edition vinyl was released just for RSD. It was amazing. I got to Graywhale as it opened and they sold out of everything within a few minutes. There was this Beard Guy there being a real beardguy and I had to be impolite in order to grab New Order's "Temptation" before they ran out. I went to another store later and the same Beard Guy was being all loud and stupid. Anyway here's what I got.

Is it dorky that I laid everything out and took a picture of it? Remember Green Day's "Dookie"? Did you like it when you were 14? Well it turns out it's actually even better than you remember. Listen to it again, front to back. Do it! That Misfits album was probably the CD I played the most back in 2001. The CD is too scratched to even play now.

I think my favorite thing is a 45 I bought not even knowing what it was. Lykke Li - After Laughter.

Sunday I went to a church for a baptism. It was a great looking church. Nice modern, refreshing design.

And the pastor looked just like the Transporter.

Angry Woman overheard at Target: "They are making WAY too big of a deal about Wolverine!"

Different Angry Woman: "Star Wars! There's a whole aisle just for Star Wars! Argh!"

The good news is, they finally made an action figure of the singer from Nickelback.


  1. just found your blog. You. are. hilarious. Just thought you should know.

  2. holy cow - that really DOES look like the lead singer for nickelback! only the real guy has more of a horse-shaped face

  3. I tend to agree with those angry ladies.

    And Record Store Day is the best new holiday. I can't wait for next year!

  4. hey. i found your blog through those lol-cats things you did for the Twilight series (btw i loved them, can't wait for the next one) and i have just stayed cause you made me laugh so hard. i think i almost got in trouble the other for laughing out loud at school. but you are hilarious

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