Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the lord's chips

Wow what a weekend! I wore a tie and then got a job so I went to the Pioneer Museum and got an iPhone and for the first time ever ate tacos from a cart on the street and then baseball home opener and Nacho Libre and soft little goats and Emily A. got peed on by a rabbit and later I wore a wig and the next morning ate so much breakfast and then Gordon spent four hours talking about potatoes.

Whew! Let's slow it down a bit. Big job interview Friday morning. Later that afternoon I found out I got it so I did what any young man in a celebrating sort of mood would do.

I went to look at portraits of grim, scowling people at the Pioneer Memorial Museum.

This place is great and you should go there if you haven't ever been, or if you haven't been back since that once field trip in Elementary School.

They have all sorts of cool stuff in addition to portraits. Like a creepy flag.

And proof that the 1880s were truly the Golden Age of party invitation and souvenir program design.

The museum also has rocks a plenty, bones (animal bones and baby skull), old tools, guns and swords, a big stained glass window, a room full of creepy dolls, ladies pioneer clothing (hott!), Indian stuff, and a coke machine.

I had my first taco cart taco. From now on that will be all I eat.

Just like last year, coooold opening day for your Salt Lake Bees. Great game.

The flag was at half-mast for Nick Adenhart, who spent most of last season wearing the Bees' black and gold. I'd be lying if I said I remembered seeing him play, but I may have at some point. This story had me in tears.

Friday night I was forced to watch Nacho Libre against my will. I was all ready to hate it but then I accidentally really loved it. Hahahaha. Oh Nacho.

Hey, look at this cute little guy, dressed all nice for the day's work.

Waitaminute what's in his briefcase? No...

Saturday: eight people, two cars, heading north. A brief stop in Ogden, the most photogenic city in America.*

* -if you like photos of neon signs, old diners bars and motels, old churches, abandoned factories, and train tracks. Which I do.

Why this trip? To see the lost spirit of America's farmland. To find the holy in the rust and dirt. To stand among the lightning and let it take it's best shot.

No, we went to play with baby animals!

This goat's fur was as soft as a kitten.

I found a bunny. I named him Ghost. He's a direbunny.

Whoa look at the size of that gut behind me! I just noticed that.

Emily A: "This bunny is peeing on me! It's peeing on me right now!"

She certainly didn't deserve it, but I'm awfully glad it happened.

Everyone seemed to have a favorite animal. Becky liked the goats.

Oh great. One of those old time bicycles that make me so uncomfortable. Time to go.

Goodbye, critters.

Another account of baby animal day here.

Later that night circumstances found me at a tea and wig party. (tea and wig parties are the next twitter. you heard it here first).

This bunny hat made Elin look even more adorable than usual.

And it made Terrence look bad-ass. What a wonderful hat.

Sunday morning I breakfast buffet'd. That was a good decision. That night the family sat down for easter dinner. Since Sean is out of town Neko had to fill in for him.

This is worth repeating:

Monday. First day of work. Bringing it back around with another trip to the taco stand.

And time for this year's official "I Love Springtime in SLC" pic.


  1. God bless you. I had to choose between 10 blogs to read this morning and I picked yours--Time well spent.

  2. this is my favorite post of anything lately.

  3. you forgot about the two headed lamb. it's kind of amazing you didn't put a picture of that.

  4. This seems like it was kind of a fun weekend.

  5. that was a really great weekend. and the pioneer museum wasn't creepy at all. well, except maybe the creepy faceless women.

  6. Wow you found a job and you and your friends all found your spirit animals.

    Fact: Rabbit pee is the worst kind of pee there is.

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