Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm so bored. Terminally bored. Criminally bored. I think I learned in a class once that most crimes are committed out of boredom. I was thinking of starting up a Ponzi Scheme but I'm not really the wheeler-dealer type. Antiquity-Looting interests me, but I think you need a Master's Degree for that.

Get this: I'm on an hour-and-a-half or sleep right now. I'm falling apart.

I turned on the tv this morning and saw a guy in a labcoat and stethoscope who was captioned as a "card-e-ologist." He was giving an Asian lady tips on making Valentine's cards. He suggested cutting patterned paper into heart shapes. Then the Asian lady made a joke about fortune cookies and said "that's my heritage coming through!" This is why I don't like to wake up before noon!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I painted a green room white? Well I totally blew that one. It turns out the instructions were "Don't paint this green room white." So I had to paint back.

If I had a Green Man suit I could totally hide in that room forever. Actually I can't even imagine how much better my life would be if I had a Green Man suit.

If I'm understanding correctly, Becky quit her job and opened a Harley dealership in Orem. We went there for burgers. Motorcycle burgers.

This neon sign really plagued me.

I couldn't get a clear shot of it. I've captured neon from speeding cars with less light than this. But I just couldn't get this one. I'm telling you, my skills are slipping in every regard. Neon photography, blogging, job-having, communicating with humans, sleeping. I'm like some kind of Benjamin Button... somehow.

Microsuede is dedicated to being your number one source for close-up pictures of burgers. This is a filet-mignon burger sandwich.

Becky made all the tables herself using old bottle caps. A few of my favorites:

The sodapop field used to be more competitive. Get a load of this:

Dodge City Sarsparilla? I know only of Sioux City. I wonder if Dodge City went out of business after Sioux City's Head Sarsparallist shot his Dodge City counterpart dead.

Saw a movie in Orem. Everybody in Orem looks like Elizabeth Smart. The theater was giving away popcorn samples because the popped corn was only recently introduced to Orem's indigenous people.

On Saturday I saw He's Just Not That Into You. It seems like the kind of thing I should Lolcat about. Like I said, my skills have slipped. This is the best I can do, and it's not even anything.


  1. Discouraged worker. One more day.

  2. B, you should help me move my stuff from my single place to my married place tomorrow afternoon. I don't need you to be that good at moving, I just need you to hang out with me and lift a box or two.

    My only rule for moving: we listen to hip-hop.

  3. I don't think I need to explain why I am now mad at you.

  4. i'm mad too but the reason is different. he's just not that into you? without me? ack!

    also, opening a harley dealership with delicious burgers is the best decision i've ever made

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