Tuesday, February 17, 2009

crepe paper tastes weird

Hey pay attention to this. I have a new blog.


It's called "Creative Output." I'm going to post my photography, maybe some junk from my sketchbook, maybe some writings, whatever. Anything artistically bent, with minimal commentary. I'll probably update it at least once a day, but don't feel like you need to check it out. I just want it to be there. Makes me feel like I'm doing something.

My quest for burger continued this weekend, as I sampled the Left Fork Burger and the Kobe Burger at Red Rock. They were both just okay. I mean, they were good and all, but flawed. Terrence is trying to find the best burger in Utah and I'm happy to help with this. So far my champion (besides mine own burger) is the one I had on Freedom Day in Mt. Pleasant. I'll keep you posted.

Friday night, big dance party for Michelle's birthday. I seldom dance, but it was a special occasion and all. I didn't take any pictures, but someone did. Here's me, conveniently labeled.

Saturday Lee and Lisa hosted a Valentine's Day get-together. It made Friday's dance party look like nothing.

In between DJ sets we watched the Slam Dunk Contest. Remember last year when Dwight Howard was Superman?

This year he was wearing an Aquaman costume and rode a dolphin right through the hoop. He was disqualified, but it was still pretty awesome.

We need to talk about Hamlet.

You got off to a bad start. You just showed up out of nowhere and kidnapped Saturnus's girlfriend. Then you beat the hell out of Chen-Chen to become the dominant male. Now I'll admit, it was kind of touching to see how afraid you were of water, and when you made that bridge out of a four hundred pound tree trunk, that was cool. But dude, you've gone too far. Attacking a human and nearly biting his foot off? Then sinking his boat? Come on! I expect that kind of crap from a chimp but not from a noble red ape. Hang it up Hamlet.


  1. i'm excited about this new blog.

  2. you need to take it easier on Hamlet. He just has mommy issues.

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