Tuesday, February 24, 2009

give a little time for the child within you

edit 4/25/09 - the lyrics "give a little time for the child within" comes from the song "Love You" by the Free Design.

It's late and I should be asleep but:

a) I have no job and no responsibilities.
b) there's a new episode of the podcast Jordan, Jesse GO! and I have to listen to that right now.

a) have you noticed that I mention the no job thing constantly? I just want attention.
b) what is that? I'll tell you about it later.

Today's blog entry is mostly about kids. Kids you don't know. Read it anyway. I think kids are great, as long as I can leave as soon as they start yelling.

You saw the video of Cash below. Friday night I went to help Terrence babysit Cash (it wasn't gay, it was sitcomy). Man, that kid is so cool I can't even believe it.

He had a Lego tower that he called "123 Sesame St." I asked him if he could tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street. His instructions were "Ummmm, turn left, then when you see a bunch of puppets, you're there."

Then we watched Monsters Inc. and I told him to warn me about the scary parts so I could close my eyes. He was so dutiful, telling me when to look away. He also made very sure that I knew when funny parts were coming up. (don't tell him, but I've already seen Monsters Inc. and I'm well aware of the funny and scary parts).

Another nice thing about kids is that they love keep-away.

My brother Mike hates keep-away. He's no fun at all. He also hates it when I follow him around while he's getting ready for the big dance and take a million pictures.

No appreciation for cinéma vérité.

I think the hat goes great with the tux (i'm not being sarcastic).

Saturday night I hung out with adults. One of them is a High School Vice Principal who lives in a house. Doesn't get more adult than that. We went to Heber and ate in a restaurant in a room called "the duck blind."

Remember cousin-jr. Jonah? Of course you do. Last time I saw him he didn't really have hair and still couldn't laugh or clap or do any tricks at all. Now look at him. He's tearing up bananas.

Here's a great trick to play with crawling babies. Trust me, they love it.

If you see Jonah be careful, he's a camera grabber.

That's the weekend. While I'm talking kids I should mention my other kid friend, Gabby. She's doing a good job being a child.

Since apparently I'm trying to jam this blog full of "kids" content, here's a link to the video for MGMT's "Kids," which now that I think about it is probably my favorite song from last year.

Oh snap! I almost forgot the most important thing. Jordan's thumb is going to be okay.

I mentioned Jordan, Jesse GO! earlier. I should note that the Jordan in the podcast is not the same Jordan as the well-thumbed ape above. Anyway, it's my favorite podcast and these days it's possibly my favorite thing. They're running an awareness drive, and I figured I should do my part. I'd go into more detail but now I'm getting sleepy. So here's the darkish-teal ribbon promoting Maximum Fun awareness. So... be aware of it.


  1. I very much approve of you giving my child a shoutout BEFORE talking about Monkey Show. Clearly your priorities are in line.

    Hey Mike - you clean up nice.

  2. Thank you for your awareness-raising efforts!

  3. Weird, I was just listening to MGMT's Kids as I read your blog. It was trippy to have the song title confront me in print as it played in the background.

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