Monday, February 4, 2008

two one through two three oh eight

I slept too much this weekend. Even more than usual. I really need to sleep more during the week so I don't need to catch up on the weekends. Whatever. This conversation is boring.

Friday. One of the worst days of work ever. Maybe not the worst, but the most cause-for-irritation days ever.

Friday night I ate a giant burrito. I literally thought I might die. Turns out there's such a thing as too much burrito. Then I settled in and watched the two best shows on television. The Wire (five episodes) and Orangutan Island.

Man I just can't get enough of those little orange guys.

Saturday I saw the Editors in concert at a converted old theatre called the Avalon. I've only been to this place once, many years ago when it was home to a hypnotist. That was a cold windy Saturday night in high school and whenever I think of things I hated about my life back then, that night sums it all up. Ah well. Onward and upward.

Unfortunately while standing in line I froze to death. The end.

Maybe not "to death," but I was awfully cold. The iced coffee I was drinking probably didn't help.

Good venue for a concert, I think. Waited an hour for the first band, Louis XIV. They were acceptable. Up next was Hot Hot Heat. I actually really like their music, and they put on a nice show for the kids. Seems most everyone there was to see HHH. Afterwards I was going to give them an extra couple bucks, but then I saw this.

Editors! Dude. Editors. Incredible show from start to finish.

As I type this my ears are still ringing. That's probably not a good thing, right?

Sunday. Superbowl Sunday. Danny hosted a party at the Bud. Just as I arrived the snow came in.

Good times were had by all. I actively participated in the sin of gluttony. It also occurred to me that I am a pretty good neighbor. Way better than the doucheboxes in my building that blast techno music 24/7.

My little buddy Cash was very afraid of the fish at first, but eventually became incredibly enthusiastic about them. "RIGHT THERE!!!! SWIMMING IN THE WATER!!!!!"

Pretty great football game by the way.

After the game, BATTLE SQUATS.

I'm not very good at BATTLE SQUATS. I generally have poor balance.

The end.


  1. I would have been there to see both the Editors AND Hot Hot Heat. Love those guys. Nobody here seemed to care about the Superbowl. It's as if football isn't a sport here.

  2. Hey marsh. Sup.

    My calves still hurt from BATTLE SQUATS. Or maybe from concert dancing. Or maybe something else.

  3. Can't wait to see Editors here in the Vegas. I think I'll be third-wheeling it with Suzy. Doesn't matter, though, it's all about the band. Great pix.

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