Monday, February 25, 2008

triple two through two twenty four oh eight

Blogging. Just not feeling it right now. Forgive me if I'm terse. I think we'll start with the most important thing. There is a ghost at the Subway.


It was a movie rich weekend. Friday I watched In the Valley of Elah. Not as good as I wanted it to be. Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder is a helluva thing though.

Saturday morning text sent to Emily in a half-asleep haze:

"Hmmm, but sleeping is not bored for me. In fact is quite needed."

Saturday afternoon I made delicious cookies. The process was documented.

I got kinda stressed.

Here they are.

I never said it would be pretty, I only said it would be cookies.

That night Nati and I watched Shaun of the Dead, a movie I can watch any time, any place. I really like that movie.

I spent most of Sunday sitting around watching watching Project Runway. I mean, ESPN.

Tried to watch the Oscars, but maaaaan they were boring. Plus 60% of the show was devoted to showing clips of past Oscars. Quit trying so hard. "Hey! It's me! The Oscars! Remember when this happened? Do you? Remember John Wayne? Remember Bob Hope? LOVE ME DAMMIT!" The best part of the Oscars is when I left to watch Live Free or Die Hard. He killed a helicopter with a car.

No Country for Old Men won best picture. Can't say I disagree with that. I've been thinking and I'm pretty sure I've never lost anything significant in a coin toss.


  1. Oh, B, you have a lot to learn about making cookies. You shouldn't ever leave paper (or paper towels, or oven mitt, or empty coffee carafe) on your stove burners. You could accidentally turn them on (or forget to turn them off even) and then your carafe explodes and when you try to go snatch it off the stove the handle melts right off in your hand.

  2. You mentioned my two very favorite movies practically in the same sentence. That's kind of amazing.

  3. Call it, friend-o.

    I agree that the Oscars mostly sucked, and that I never again need to see some of those clips they play every year (Marlon Brando's Native American stand-in award recipient, the streaker, Titanic).

    I think it's good that the Die Harders mostly ignored the existence of Die Hard with a Vengeance when promoting Live Free or Die Hard. Yippi-ki-yay.

  4. nati is scared of that ghost in subway.

  5. I think that ghost in Subway is Jared's ex-fat haunting the establishment which banished it to its current state.

  6. oh i agree. i mean, it IS his fat-loss anniversary. seems about right.

  7. shaun of the dead? you must must MUST watch 'black sheep' - it's a new zealand film with SFX by peter jackson's weta group. bloody funny, kind of in the shaun vein.
    also, fido. watch fido.

    top stuff.

  8. so. have you watched Black Sheep yet? have ya? have ya?