Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I've spoken at length about the epic Super Nintendo Tecmo Battles between me and Chris. Recently I received this e-mail from Danny, proprietor of The Bud and keeper of the Tecmo.


I would like to win a Tecmo Super Bowl. I was working on this endeavor with a San Francisco team who was 10-2 when, without warning, the Tecmo gods deleted my season.

In order to play again and not risk having a season erased, you would have to power through and do it fast. It's too much of a job for one man.

But for two or three men?

I think you see where I'm going...

Do you have a desire to win a Tecmo Super Bowl as part of a team effort?

Do I have the desire. As if that's even a question.

We assembled at the Bud and watched the Utah Jazz lose their sixth straight game. Then, because we hate ourselves, we went to Arby's.

Interesting sights at the Arby's: a sign that said "no middle school children allowed without parental accompaniment," a family of smug rockers enjoying some Arby-Q, and a laconic cashier with a southern drawl and a Casper the Friendly Ghost tattoo on his forearm.

Most interesting though, were the cheesecake poppers.
These are exactly as good as you think they are.

Around 10pm we settled in to take our shot at Tecmo greatness. Michkin got in on the fun.

This is me around 3am, still wondering why I hate myself so much.

We took turns playing. This was my finest moment. A thrilling victory against the heretofore unstoppable Cowboys.


Chris and I finally left at 6am, broken and exhausted. Did we win the Superbowl? TO BE CONTINUED!

Was it worth it? Let's ask Shakespeare:

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother;
Brow Bendy Two

I spent the rest of Saturday falling asleep all over the place. I tempted fate with my late night and I'm still paying the price, beset with an illness that will probably kill me.

So, let's back track a bit while I catch you up on recent events. I mentioned a couple weekends ago that it snowed. Proof!

I also went to a fancy Winter FĂȘte partially hosted by Judy. I was draped in my finest velvets. Did someone say hotchuma hotchuma?

How fancy was it? Limes in Water Fancy.

Danny and I got stuck in a photo loop.
At some point I went bowling. I'm not sure when and I don't really remember it, but I do have this picture.

I got my car washed because I was sick of all the salt and grime on it. I wanted new salt and grime.

Friday I got to witness the birth of a neon sign.
Flags were at half-mast in honor of the late Ike Turner.

Lastly: ???

next time: superbowl?


  1. That Tecmo Super Bowl can be tricky once you get to the playoffs. I was able to pull off an Eagles Tecmo Super Bowl victory...but it required Randall Cunningham (aka QB Eagles) to have an epic season of over 2000 yards rushing and 5000 yards passing...both would be records...but we squeezed out a victory over Bo Jackson and the Raiders in the Big Game. I wish you all luck in your mission.

  2. A few random comments:

    -I miss snow, until I'm actually IN the snow, then I remember how much I hate it.

    -Those cheesecake poppers make my tummy hurt just looking at them.

    -Once, while in line at my local Wendy's, I saw a guy with a tattoo of an artichoke with a pat of melting butter on his calf. Bad ass I tell you.

    -I haven't washed my car in what seems like years, mainly because I'm boycotting all carwashes because they don't have the wash your own car washes here. I miss them, and as a result, my car suffers.

  3. So wait, that ATM was giving free massages?

  4. That picture you don't remember taking is AWESOME.

  5. I'm a big fan of this blog post. Loved the pics.

    P.S. I worked at that Arby's in high school for a month.