Friday, December 7, 2007

do you, don't you

I finally loaded my entire Beatles collection onto iTunes. I've been listening to "I Want to Hold your Hand" over and over and over again like a crazy person. The melody:

da-DA-ah ah
da da da-ah da
da da da da da daaaa

May be the mot beautiful thing ever written.

I've spoken briefly of Young B's obsession with the Beatles here. Even though I've always counted them among my favorites it has been years since I've actually listened to them. I've forgotten how great they are. "Sexy Sadie," side two of Abbey Road. "She Loves You," the demo version of "Strawberry Fields Forever" when it was still hopeful and upbeat and not the most frightening thing ever recorded... man.

The biggest problem is that no matter how loud you turn up "Helter Skelter," it's never loud enough.

I was lucky enough to see Paul McCartney in concert twice on his Driving USA tour. I almost teared up during "All My Loving" as he showed clips of the young Beatles arriving in America. We were all so innocent then... um, 16 years before I was born.

At the Phoenix concert I peed next to actor David Spade. He's not a hand-washer.


  1. I hear that David Spade is also pretty short.


  2. have you seen across the universe? it's playing at brewvies... beer and the beatles... and nachos should you want them.

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  4. Short and not a hand washer, he doesn't have much going for him does he?

  5. That's awesome Cindy. Sounds like your concert was different from mine. Jealous that you got to hear Magical Mystery Tour and Helter Skelter.

    Yes, David Spade is short. He also didn't zip up until stepping well way from the urinal.

    Haven't seen Across the Universe. May have to wait for DVD on that one.

  6. Funny that I also count the Beatles as among my favorites and rarely listen to them. I think I may have seen McCartney on the same tour (though I don't remember the name) back in '02. Ironically (but not), I found out that he was touring just after I had walked across Abbey Road barefoot. (It was a pilgrimage.)

    Your David Spade story just reinforces what a hack he is.

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