Wednesday, December 26, 2007

dot dot dot

I don't really feel right writing about this but I don't feel right not writing about it either. I ended up with a five-day weekend over Christmas, but for pretty much the worst possible reason. The head of my department passed away suddenly on Thursday night. We're a small operation, only about twenty people, so she wasn't some phantom manager in a corner office. I complain a lot about our customers, my co-workers, all the work I have to do, the attendance policy, the parking lot, the temperature, but seriously if you have to have a job in a becubicled office this is the one to have. She was a great manager and she will be sorely missed.

Two of my friends also had to deal with the unexpected passing of loved ones over the holidays. I've seen my share of tragedy and I'll see more of it, as will we all, but right now all is well in my little sphere. So... count your blessings and all that.


  1. I'm sorry for all the passings. Happy Holidays B!!! Let me know if you need a therapeutic stop at the doctor's office (Trails or something).

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