Monday, December 3, 2007

someone somewhere asked me 'is there anything in particular I can help you with?'

Good weekend. I knew it would be when I spotted the elusive Vinyl Man on Thursday afternoon. According to a local legend that I'm trying to start right now, a Vinyl Man sighting is a good omen of things to come.

Thursday night there was this party I wasn't planning on going to, but I did anyway and was quite happy with the results. My toes were cold though.

Work on Friday. Afterward I had some dudes over to watch the Jazz/Lakers game and enjoy some Hots and Readys. The Jazz kicked the Lakers' sorry asses.

Not a basketball fan? Well perhaps you're a giant donut fan???

'cause I know I am.

Had to work Saturday morning at 7am. It took my three times longer than usual to get to work because I awoke to several inches of freshly fallen snow (first snowfall of the season) and the roads hadn't been plowed yet. Would have been a perfect day to stay home and watch Orangutan Island or maybe Band of Brothers but instead I had to spend the day Wikipediaing around at work.

Afterward I saw the Bob Dylan "biopic" I'm Not There with Chris and Emily A. I don't know her that well yet, but I do know that she is generous with a snack and for that I respect her.

You know about this movie? Six different actors play different versions of Bob Dylan. Including Cate Blanchett (She... she... she.... she's a woman!). Her performance was AMAZING. The movie left me a little bit baffled but the more I think about it the more I recognize it's brilliance.

Afterward soups in bowls of bread at the Bakery.

Hung out at The House with the aformentioned and Hooner and Original Emily. We watched National Treasure to better prepare ourselves for National Treasure 2: The President's Book of Secrets.

I snapped some pictures of Original Emily and I don't care what she says, I think they look cool.

Late into the night w'all enjoyed the coziness of Emily's Christmas tree that I helped (supervised) put up.

Sunday afternoon. I hate Sunday afternoons. Always have. I especially don't like the combination of blue skies and snow on the ground, unless it's early in the morning. But on a Sunday afternoon, no thank you.

Mt. Olympus. I've lived in five different places during my 27 years (not counting the hotels I've lived in for only a few days at a time), and all five of them have been within a few miles of each other and on more or less the same East/West line. So my whole life I've always had this view of Mt. Olympus.

Drove up north to Matt's house to take a gander at his arts and spin some New Order records. His stuff looks even better in person.

On the way I passed the oil refineries.

Ran into Batman while I was there. This kid is pretty good at catch, but is very good at not playing Nintendo.

After that I hung out with my idiot brother Mike for a while and listened to an online sports-talk radio he had hosted (!). It was disconcerting because his voice sounded exactly like mine.

I'm tired.


  1. That Emily A, she's quality people. I was supposed to go to that movie with her on that Saturday, but wound up going to Vegas instead. That and I wanted to see Enchanted more.

    Seeing blue sky and white earth doesn't sit well with you?

  2. NT2! Are you excited?? I am excited! My first credit! look for me buried amongst the proletariat...

  3. Hey, congratulations Heather! That's really cool. What's your credit going to be exactly?

    Yeah Cindy, I don't why but blue sky, white earth with a waning sun just throws me off. I don't mind it in the morning though. I have a lot of weird things like that.

  4. Nice New Pornographers shout out. You have good taste my friend.

  5. I think you need a new camera. Some of those low light shots are, well...
    too dark.

  6. I'm with you on late day sun and snow. Does it get any colder looking than that? It's like without cloud cover the coldness is enormous. We're just spinning around the sun on a frozen blue ball, yet we ourselves are tiny. That picture of Mt. Olympus gives me the heebie geebies! Close the curtains already and turn on all the lights in the house. Light all the candles and stoke up the fireplace. Put on some heavy clothes or crawl under the covers so you just don't float away. Is that how it feels to you, B?

  7. Why yes, that's exactly it. Wow, it's like we're related.

  8. That's a cool Original Emily black-light poster.

  9. Seriously. That picture is completely awesome. It's so in the moment, and relaxed, and Emily looks hot AND cool in it. One of the best pics you have taken, B.

    That donut ... I totally thought this was a case of the lens throwing the size drastically out of proportion to reality, but apparently not. Still, no big thing. Now if it would have been cream-filled, that would have been noteworthy. I am so craving a donut right now. Okay not A donut ... like THREE. FINE.

  10. Oh my crap, that donut is the size of your head!! Where can I find me one of those? On second thought...maybe it's best that I don't know.

    a complete stranger who is doing her best to avoid working