Wednesday, May 27, 2009

isn't that kinda weird?

Remember that picture of the zombie cat? Maybe Cash would like to see it.

Uh-oh. He doesn't seem as interested in it as I thought he'd be.

Luckily Erin, who lives with Cash and along with Jared co-raises him, explained the process of decomposition in very clinical way so I think overall this was a valuable experience for little Cash.

Those three invited me over for breakfast Memorial Day morning. Great breakfast and great company of course.

That paper cone has a lot of uses.

At first he was using it as a bird beak ("I saw a bird with a white beak once. Isn't that kinda weird?") but then I convinced him it was an invisible snow-cone and he thought that was pretty hilarious. Unfortunately I stole the whole "invisible ____ " schtick from lolcats. I hope he doesn't find out and think I'm a hack.

While I was cleaning eggs off our porch (we got egged!) I noticed that the neighbor's flag was dragging in the street. I said aloud "Shouldn't someone probably pick that up?" and then a breeze came along and lifted it up. Finally after all these years we have proof that God blesses America. That's a relief!

Eventually I went to fix it though.

The reason I'm posting these pictures is because well, I want to show you all that I'm just as heroic as those Iwo Jima guys.

Hey can we talk about my birthday? It was two weeks ago but we're backed up here at Microsuede HQ. I went to a Bees game and almost all my favorite people were there. I had an awesome time. Probably the best birthday in years.

This poor third basemen, Travis Metcalf, was hassled by us (mostly Scotty and Danny since their voices carry the best) all night.

The heckling got so creative that their were a few moments where Metcalf had to cover his face with his glove to keep from laughing. I'd love to repeat some of the stuff here but I just don't think it will translate. I did update his wikipedia page during the game and it's still up there. I hope he checked it like we suggested.

Scott: "Hey 23! It's called Your Butt! We all have one!"

Ack mascot attack!

Kids flock to Bumble like ducks to bread. It was madness.

Scott used Bumble as a cup holder.

Danny: "What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and Metcalf is the sun!"

After the game Metcalf tipped his hat to us. He's my new favorite player.

Ah, baseball.

Elin made me a cake! Apparently in her family it's tradition to eat cake on birthdays.

That "B" is my personal logo. Terrence designed it. If I ever obtain a lordship it will be on all my banners.

We were going to watch Lost but then Elin got all stabby so the night was called.

thanks everyone!


  1. If facebook doesn't alert me as to birthdays I'm useless.


  2. Awesome birthday! Although that cake pic makes it look like you guys were trying to summon the dead. Although I suppose cake is as good a a way to do it as anything.

  3. Your logo reminds me of Daredevil's.

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