Thursday, June 4, 2009


This entry is going to be very similar to the last one. And here's a spoiler: the next entry is going to be very similar as well. But that's okay! We're all having a good time here right?

So I've seen the Star Trek three times now. Most recently at the drive in. Drive-in is a good time, particularly in the summer.

I'm still not sick of this movie. What does that say about me? At least I don't wear the uniform, like the guy that was next to me at a stoplight on the way home. Also seen on the way home:

What is this building? An adult daycare center.

Saturday I went to a sports and Cash was there. We walked around a little bit and it occurred to me: he's very small. I guess three year olds tend to be smaller than the folks in my own peer group, so there's nothing unusual about that at all. It's just very striking.

Early in the game he entertained us with some songs and told us about his buddy the Bee mascot. But near the end he totally lost his mind. I probably shouldn't have bought him that beer.

I just wanted him to think I was cool! Just kidding of course I didn't buy him a beer. No, he was just a little hyper as kids can be sometimes. Here's the thing, and people with kids will know what I'm talking about: no matter how cute and intelligent and sweet they may be, it's important to remember that children are wild animals. Let your guard down and next thing you know they'll be acting like they have no bones or eating floor-pizza or stealing your glasses.

Anyway, great to see Jared and Erin and Cash again. Those three are tops in my book.

The game ended early so me and Terrance and Lee went to sample another of the city's burgers.

This place used to be a bar. I don't think you can tell from the picture but the sign brags that it has been there for "50" years (the quotation marks are theirs, not mine). One time I drove by it with my dad and he mentioned that he'd often come to town and get in fights there.

I think it's fighting days are over though because they don't even serve beer anymore and instead offer only mediocre burgers. Actually they were almost good but there was just something missing. Juiciness I think.

I twittered about this, after the Busy Bee we watched Major League. I really love that movie. The end when (SPOILER!) Wild Thing comes into the game to get the last out is one of my favorite sports moments. It's right up there with the Miracle on Ice and Stockton's Three Pointer.

The fans celebrate on the field, and this poor guy can't get anyone to give him five.

Sunday night I went to a Neko Case concert and saw this great parking job.

Neko didn't want anyone taking pictures, so as far as I'm concerned it didn't even happen.

"It did happen I saw it happen don't tell me it didn't happen!"

Okay fine! It happened. It was a great show. I really liked it. Thanks to Anna Ng for reminding me about it and facilitating my entrance.

It's been raining for days here in the valley. I like it. Makes for the kind of pictures I like to take, like this one of the ancestral manor.

Went back to the Bees game on Tuesday and the heavens just didn't want it to happen.

I've never seen the field get tarped before. Not in person anyway. Luckily for TR he was prepared with a rain slicker.

Man, that is a big-ass tarp.

I wondered what they were going to do with all the water that gathered atop the tarp, then they busted out the sqweegees that looked like giant Mach 3 razors.

Nice job spilling water all over the dirt guys.

The game started two hours late but it ended up being a lovely night and a great game.

This guy. The Superfan. He knows what's up.

Check him out. He sustained this the entire game.

Untitled from Bryton Sampson on Vimeo.

Satisfying night.

While we're talking baseball, what is going on here?


  1. After watching the Superfan movie, Vimeo let me watch Jesse's War and Neon Landscape. All three of those are great films.

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