Wednesday, December 3, 2008

what gives this mess some grace

It's been a prosperous time for me. A real Pax Microtextilis. I mean, I haven't actually accomplished anything. Well, I guess those Twilight lolcats are a pretty big deal... anyway from last Tuesday to present I've been enjoying health and happiness. Those elusive "good times" we're all chasing after. Kicks, man.

Tuesday I saw Twilight. See entry below for a summary. I can't say it's a great movie, but it did have one scene I really liked:

It was probably the most fun I've had at the movies since I saw Godzilla (the movie) with Scotty Seal and Andy Paulsen back in whenever-that-movie-came-out. Matthew Broderick. Yeesh. Anyway, quality group of souls and we went to the Secret Theater and parked at the usual spot and TR dressed as a vampire and that's that.

Last year on the night before Thanksgiving I went to the haunted casket factory. I guess I always try to incorporate some element of the macabre into my Thanksgiving celebration. Be it haunted factories, vampire movies, stealing Geronimo's skull, whatever.

Wednesday night, hanging at Lisa's which is kind of a second home to me. Although I would never allow a slanket into my own home.

Thanksgiving I sat around all day reading... literature. I thought about making a "what I'm thankful for" post but nothing came to mind. Not that I'm not thankful for things, I just like to express it throughout the entire year instead of just on one measly day.

The food was extra good this year and I think I ate more than I ever have before on Thanksgiving. My eating habits favor frequency over volume, but I was ravenous. Now I know what it feels like to be Edward the Sparkly Vampire.

Before we knew it we had a Snoring Gordon on our hands.

Friday I took no pictures. But get this, so I'm going to get some coffee and maybe some McNuggets (I hadn't decided) and I'm at a stop light and then *thunk* I get rear-ended. I pull over and I think she's a cop or a bus driver or something but it turns out she's a security guard and there's an imprint in my car of the bolt from her licence plate holder and a couple of deep angry gashes that she insists were already there but if they were already there how come I've never seen them before huh? She calls the cops and we wait for an hour and it's cold a the cop shows up and he's a cool young dude with good posture and we fill out some forms and then each get a copy of each other's form so basically the cop and both of us had to take all that time just so we could exchage insurance info and the cop says "Now if you'll excuse me I have to go fill out tons of paperwork!" Man, cops hate paperwork.

I ended up getting free tickets for the Jazz game on Saturday. While standing on the corner waiting to cross to get to the train a car drove by and threw a tampon at me. It was unused, but that's still low on the list of things you want thrown at you.

Turns out Hot Rod Hundley prefers to go sockless.

And he keeps strange company. This cowboy tried three times before getting Hot Rod's attention. "Good evening Hot Rod."

With his back to the camera, Ron Boone, one-half of the greatest announcing duo in all of sports.

Craig: "The score's tied again. What is this, Ping Pong?"
Ron: "Pac-man."

I think I've complained about half time entertainment before, but I have no complaints about this patriotic leaping dog.

X-Treme The Bear with a cute little mini The Bear.

I wish there was a more efficient method of t-shirt delivery HOLY SHIT!

Go Jazz! In your face, net and Nets!

We left in the 4th quarter when the Jazz were down by 27.

Decided to make it a two vampire week and saw the Suedish film Let the Right One In. Becky has summed up these two flicks nicely and I echo much of her sentiment. Especially the part where she quotes me.

Sunday I went to a catered soup-based affair but you know what soup looks like.

But check this out. So Chen-Chen is trying to show off or something (now that he's not vying to be dominant male he can relax a little) and he just yanks down the whole feeding platform!

The dudes come to fix it cause apes gotta have a place to eat and Chen-Chen helps.

He helps with tools.

Hahahahahaha. Oh Chen-Chen.



    i don't really have anything to add. kudos.

  2. I have something to add: I have faith that one day you will accept the Slanket into your life. If I need to send the Slank-missionaries to your house, I will do it. If I need to take you to Slanket Home Evening, so be it. But one day, mark my words Bryton Sampson: You will love the Slanket more than you've ever loved anything before it.

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