Friday, December 5, 2008


Remember how I collect records? I do, and I used to too. In Junior High I was obsessed with a certain group from Liverpool, a group that drew me into the world of '60s rock n' roll, a world that I later rejected, and then later unrejected. That group of course was Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

But another decent group from Liverpool is The Beatles. Mid '90s I had a stash of Beatles LPs. I didn't listen to them because I didn't have a record player, I just liked to have them.

So now I have a turntable and big speakers and a decent collection of platters so it makes no sense to leave my old records buried. The past few weeks I've been searching all over the place (within reason) with no luck, so I knew they must be in The Tunnel. This is a pitch black storage space under the porch that's about four feet wide and fifty feet long. It's packed floor to ceiling with storage crates, the contents of which will prove invaluable for the Bryton History Museum. It's EXACTLY like the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

That doesn't dissuade me at all. Look how heroic I am.

Through the plastic I spy the blue border of The Beatles: 1967-1970. The records are at the bottom of the bottom-most crate, below six heavy mofos.

Finally I get to the crate I need. What's in that file folder? Some secrets are better left buried.

I had to put the flashlight down to better dig and suddenly a huge hairy thing brushed passed me. I kinda freaked out. But it was just Neko.

The crate yielded other treasures as well.

"Jump Around." One of two Jump themed hits that year.

Yes! My records!

Some of these were my dads, some I got on my own. Once in a while on a Saturday he'd kick in my door early and say "let's go downtown." I was 13 years old so I didn't go downtown often. It was always a big deal, and the routine was always similar. We'd stop by his office to get the best fountain Coke in the world, then to the weirdo antique store on West Temple, then Randy's Records where I'd buy cheap Beatles albums and gaze at the expensive mint condition ones behind the counter. Then the DI, then Greek Souvlaki, then home. Those were good Saturdays.

I got Led Zeppelin IV at the DI for a buck. I think it's a first printing. Also this is image inside Led Zeppelin IV was the design of the first rock n' roll t-shirt I ever bought.

Silly wizard. Also the Selecter and Specials records are great so if you ever want to come over and skank just let me know.


  1. cool records. i should go hunt through my mom's attic and find my dad's records. and then steal them.

    i don't skank, but sometimes i get called a skank.

  2. Is your cat named after Ms. Case? If so, that's pretty cool. If not, I guess it's still a cool cat name.

  3. oh good - now you will have more weapons for when the zombies attack

  4. sade? throw it.

    Kat - yep, Ms. Case and also Maneki Neko, the Japanese lucky cat.

    I never posted this photo but check it out.

  5. My records and turntable have been in storage for a long time as well. I'm on the lookout for a cool old stereo console with working speakers so I can start listening to them again.

  6. I don't have the White Album! I need to go to Randy's Records sometime this week and spend my paycheck.

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