Thursday, November 20, 2008


When was the last time you even thought about water? I'd venture to wager that I bet that most of my blog readers have no trouble obtaining water. It's everywhere! It comes into our homes. There's a whole wall devoted to bottled water at the AM/PM. It comes out of our eyes when we watch Grey's Anatomy. It literally falls from the sky!

Here's how cocky we are with water:

"That's a nice big bowl of water you got there Ricky. Are you going to drink all of that?"

"No. I'm gonna put a fish in it."

"Oh. Are you going to raise the fish to eat as nourishment?"

"Actually I'm just going to let it swim around and shit all over the place."

Don't even get me started on Las Vegas. Flaunting their water fountains in the middle of the desert. That's like when I drive to the part of town where nobody has any teeth and throw Reese's Pieces in their face.

My point is, for some parts of the world water is a big issue. In fact over 30% of the world's population doesn't even know that water is made from one part H and two parts O.

Think gas is expensive? Tell that to the people of San Luis Potosi, where a gallon of Aquafina costs $76 US. And their convenience stores aren't even open 24 hours a day.

Okay but for serious, my friend Judy travels the world helping bring water to the thirsty. She's getting started on her latest project to help two villages in Mexico. Fundraising is underway and she needs your help. Hehe, I sound like a public radio pledge driver. Wouldn't you rather have your money going to this cause than to Ira Glass? Think about it.

For more information GO HERE:

Mmmmm. Water.


  1. did you watch that documentary on water at the broadway? i tried to get my friend to go but half way through the text realized it was probably pretty boring and i just want to watch movies about vampires.

  2. aw thanks Bryton. This really means a lot.

    plus - Ira Glass - more like Ira Glass of Water

  3. turns out maybe the water movie is actually less boring.

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