Tuesday, November 11, 2008

quit trying to be so artsy

So how was your weekend? You don't have to answer that, I don't care. Mine was great. Based on the strength of Friday night I could have spent all of Saturday and Sunday getting kicked in the ribs and still consider the weekend a success. Which is good, because that's exactly how I spent the rest of the weekend. I don't think bikers understand sarcasm.

A few orders of business. This week is Orangutan Awareness Week. So, uh... be aware... of that. I'll need you sign and date the bottom of this blog so that HR has a record that we've discussed this.

It's been several weeks now and I'm finally settling in to my new job. I personalized my office a bit so now it really feels like home.

Friday night Iris and I went to the Bayou. Did we see a guy with a cat on his head? Sure did.

Nice times. I had a couple sweet po-ta-to fries and a mug of ale.

Then we went to a place called Baxter's which closed it's doors forever this weekend. The final nail in the coffin came when the eccentric owner put a hot dog in charge.

The cool thing about Iris is she's not bound by societal norms. Most people wait for the barkeep to serve them a drink, but she just goes on back and gets her own.

For reasons too complicated and mysterious to explain, I drew Iris a picture of a snow owl, but it occurs to me now that it may not have been accurate because at the time I had no idea what a snow owl looked like. I assumed that owls were just flying cats. Hmmm. I wonder if LOLowls would be funny?


Saturday: rib kicking

Sunday: game night and brownies at Christopher's house. Much was learned about the movie Mystic Pizza and Air Force teleportation studies.

I am too tired to continue. o mrrf yp dt[]eroyomh mpe.


  1. don't forget the important things you learned about mariah carey and my first day of college

  2. Yeah. LOL Owls kill my buzz every time.

  3. you are wrong... LOLsnowowls totally made me LOL.

  4. So um... this Iris have a last name? Moulton, perhaps?

  5. Also, if you haven't seen the lol ORLY owls... you're missing out.

  6. I'm not at liberty to say...

  7. i like the hotdog he left in charge. my dream job is a job a hotdog could do.

  8. Well, please feel at liberty to tell her hi from Erin. That is, if it is her last name. Which I respect your inability to say.