Thursday, November 13, 2008

life was supposed to be a film

this issue's soundtrack

Tuesday was my last day at Marriott! I stopped working there months ago (hmm, actually years ago come to think of it) when I started working for BODY WORLDS. I never officially resigned though, so Tuesday I went in to sign the proverbial papers and clean off the proverbial desk.

I met The Mediocre Gatsby my first day there back in 2002, and I've worked directly beside him for over two years. He's the most creative person I know.

That said, the thing I'm going to miss the most is this snack machine. It uses vacuum technology to deliver a delicious treat right to you!

LinkAnd it accept charge cards to make your gluttonous habits more convenient than ever!

I still had some work to do on my last day, though most of my unfinished business had been taken care of by Liz. I still had approximately 489 e-mails to deal with so that took some time. Finishing the last one yielded a sight I've not seen before.

Finally, at 6:46pm on a rainy November night, it became time to turn in my badge and headset.

Then I experienced one of those montages you're always hearing about.

I took one last look.

And then the credits rolled.


  1. nothing like some weird electronic Boys II Men to really set the mood. i felt like i was experiencing it myself.

  2. The good news is now that you've had the life stage ending montage you can gear up for the "new fun direction!" montage. It will probably involve laughing at a cafe, high fives at a baseball game, and a scene where you're jogging through the park and then turn around to follow a girl jogging the other direction. Hooray!

  3. Jerk. I can't believe you really cut the umbilical cord to your Marriott life.

    You suck.

    (and good luck).


  4. where can I buy the soundtrack?! so moving.

  5. I have never yet experienced a montage ... I wonder what I'm doing wrong? Yours was very moving.