Tuesday, November 18, 2008

just enjoy the show

I got home from work several hours ago and though I'm not certain, I think someone may have slipped me a mickey. I fell asleep on the couch but didn't even realize it. I was awake one minute and asleep the next, apparently. I don't even remember closing my eyes. It's like the whole thing never happened, like two hours of my life have gone inexplicably missing. I'm very disturbed by this.

Moving on. There's no reason we can't talk about last Wednesday. I was urged to check out the Hotel Cafe Tour, featuring an artist named Thao Nguyen and several other female folk rocksters. I enjoy the lady voice and it was raining so I went for it.

When I arrived this Emily Wells was playing. In addition to the ukulele she also plays a mean violin (seriously the violin is an asshole), so she seems to be a master of the small stringed instrument.

This is Lenka. She's a nice Australian. She deserves a better picture than this.

She sang to "live like you're dying." I disagree with that. If I were to do that I'd spend my days shaking and probably coughing. I choose to live like I am living!

Thao Nguyen, just paying some guitar.

The whole gang out on stage for the last song. That mandolin-guitar hybrid is an abomination.

Really enjoyable show. I've since tried to listen to some of the artists' recorded music but sometimes when you hear live music first the recordings don't hold up, making the experience rather ephemeral.

Friday, Andy's birthday. Harrison Ford would have been happy.

(because snacks)

An old friend named Rachel was there. I haven't seen her in some time. She was my homecoming date my senior year of high school. I just remembered that I was going to look for a picture to scan in but now I'm too lazy. Okay hang on if I can find it easily I'll do it.

Ah, here it is. I've mostly cropped out Rachel out of respect for her privacy.

I remember when that picture was taken. I was imagining what my life would be like in ten years. AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I IMAGINED!

Friday night I was double-booked so I didn't stay at Andy's very long. I left, had a passing encounter with the Leaf Lady, and saw the new James Bond movie. Daniel Craig is so steely.

Saturday, boring day at work. The monotony was broken by this. All these people decided to go for a walk at the exact same time! Wild.

Saturday night, Lisa's birthday. As far as people go, Lisa is like the best one. I don't have any pictures of this event but I did see cameras there. So someone has pictures. That's comforting.

Then I went to a mixer and learned that if someone says "I wouldn't even know where to begin!" It's best not to press the issue.



  1. i think i've interpreted everything correctly...so what you're saying is the leaf lady was the best part of your week?

  2. wait was that walk by my house?

  3. missed the hotel cafe show due to work. happy someone was able to enjoyed it. also - great "'copter in the sky" shots of the rally.

  4. This is one of your best written posts yet!

    And I didn't realise you were so into female folk rocksters.

    Did you ever go to that festival that used to tour around? You know the one with all the famale folk rocksters? I think it was named after Frasier's wife for some reason.

  5. Aw, thanks for the shout-out. I'm glad you were there to celebrate my birthday. And eat delicious food.