Thursday, August 21, 2008

nothing to blog about

This blog has gotten so boring lately. What's up with that? I'd blame busy-ness but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact I'm less busy than I've been in a long time.

Been watching the Olympics? I have. I like it. I was going to do an Olympic based retro-adventure because I have a nice fast scanner now so I can digitalize my old filmy photos. But in order to do that I'd have to walk clear over there and plug the thing into the thing and ctrl click save as and all that nonsense.

So uh, pretty disappointing about Bigfoot huh?

I can't believe none of you have even noticed my new glasses.

I'm thinking of going to Denver tomorrow.

What if I made a microsuede t-shirt? Just for me.

I need a new cell phone I hate this one.

My glasses are kind of green but I think I'll trade them in for the same version but in black.

Not that you would notice anyway.

Seriously Phelps, you should think about trading in one of your medals for a better hat.

Someone just rubbed my fuzzy head. That was unwelcome.

Not a t-shirt made of microsuede, but a t-shirt with a microsuedy design.

Yeah, Denver.


  1. I might wear a microsuede shirt.

    Maybe with the picture of you and the girls from comic con - and with you photoshoped out.

  2. i'm going to denver in october. find some good neon for me, okay?

    oh... and... nice glasses.

  3. i guess you have forgotten that I noticed your glasses the other night.

  4. go to denver. i like denver.

  5. Lisa, lots of people have noticed my glasses in real life. It's just that no one has mentioned it on the blog.

  6. Now that you have new glasses, perhaps it's time to update the glasses on the little drawing of yourself.

  7. Just kidding. Don't change that picture. It's awesome.