Tuesday, August 5, 2008

B's Secret Invasion Part V

Well we're onto Saturday. Only two days of the con left. I honestly cannot distinguish Saturday and Sunday from the rest of the convention. Looking at the pictures sort of helps, but aside from that my memories are nothing more than vague snippets of capes and lasers and backpacks.

Here's some notable B. lore: this is the first comic I ever bought with my own money, back in 1992.

On that very same trip to the mall I also bought my first cassette, this single:

Back to the comic, I had my tattered copy with me at the convention and got it signed by artist Jim Lee. Now if I can just get that cassette signed by Courtney Love.

This is writer Judd Winnick, who you may remember from MtV's The Real World Season 3: San Francisco. I'm glad he's not on the Real World anymore, so he can start being polite again.

I guess Judd can read braille.

A couple Sundance's ago I saw Puck up in Park City, so I'm getting closer to completing my Real World 3 check list.

Hey wait I know this guy -

It's the guy from We Are Marshall!

I said "I'm glad you're here because I have about a hundred questions about Lost for you." and he looked up at me with sheer terror in his eyes before her realized I was kidding. Then he laughed and it was exactly like when Jack laughs!

These doppelgangers freaked me out. The resemblance is just too much.

The ironic thing is that those guys hate Star Trek, but as lookalikes it is their duty to answer the call. The call of Pretend Starfleet.

This Bender costume was great. The guy's beard kept trying to escape from the bottom of the helmet though. I think he had two costumes. If the Bender outfit got too hot he could take it off and be Tom Hanks in Castaway.

This guy wrapped himself in all the promotional garbage generated by the convention.

Doesn't it look like the guy in the black shirt is trying to fight him?

"You think litter is funny, punk?"

Hey, a sexy Joker. Someone should do a sexy Abe Lincoln next year.

Another costume from the good people at Gotham Public Works.

Alright Catwoman, you look amazing, but can you do any tricks?

Well, okay then.

My dumbstruck expression here is the result of her purring.

Can anyone venture a guess as to why this would be one of my favorite comic covers ever?

Passed this on the way back to the Island. The Island from Lost! Just kidding, Coronado Island. But remember when I met Jack? From Lost?

Holy shit, these things really exist???

Flamingos are mean. They bite.

From atop the balcony I stood, and I shouted across the bay, "San Diego! Bring forth your finest hamburger! Who will answer my call! Who will step forward and give me that which I seek?"

No one stepped forward so I had to use the internet instead. There are about three places in San Diego that make the "best burger" claim, but I chose Nicky Rotten's.

Unappetizing name for a food place, but son of a gun, it was the second best burger I've ever had. Keep in mind, I've had lots. I don't have a picture which is strange because I typically like to document my food. Man, I wish I was eating one right now.

Stayed there from burger to closing time. There's fun to be had at Nicky Rotten's.

I was fascinated by the bartendress who did not stop moving the entire night. It looks like the worst job in the world. That didn't stop me from trying to hit on her though.

"Hey, you must be a member of the Fantastic Four... specifically, the Human Torch... but a girl version... because you're so hot! Also I like to do this thing with my camera where I wobble it and the light streaks and when I edit the picture later it will look kind of like fire... um, did I mention that I'm also a Navy SEAL?"

Some things just aren't meant to be.

She may not have given in to my charms, but she was still lucky enough to get a free sketch from Scotty.

Hey, neon.


  1. Hold on a minute here ... are you editing?? In the version of the story I recall being told Catwoman purred in your ear and then licked your face.

    I know, this is a family-friendly blog. Sorry, B's Mom. But I hear Sean is getting his face licked on a regular basis up there in Denver. I just thought you should know.

  2. It doesn't help that Denver is the face licking capital of the world. I don't even like it anymore.

  3. i never once got a picture of someone being struck by lightening when i used to waitress!

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