Saturday, August 9, 2008

Live Blogging


I'm at work. I've got my coffee, time to blog.

So, you catch those opening ceremonies last night? For the Olympics? In Beijing? Quite a spectacle, that. Weird that they had Brett Favre light the torch though.

My phone keeps ringing, and I know that when that happens I'm supposed to pick it up, but I can't remember what to do after that.

Back later, I have to go delete some unread e-mails.


Weird call just now. I was talking to someone at one of our hotels and I hear someone in the background say "hang up. hang up. call 911 immediately." Hope everything is okay. Although when 911 is involved usually it means that things aren't okay.

Before she hung up though she let me know that it's a beautiful day in Little Rock. I wonder if Little Rock would be a cool place to visit? I'm gonna look into that.


Did you hear that Bernie Mac died?

Oh hey, the lady from the call earlier is back. Everything is fine. "Someone passes out in the hallway and everybody panics" she says.


*ack ack kchhhhh ahem*

That's the sound of me choking on a Vitamin B pill. I have a hard time with pills.

Speaking of idiotic maladies, I think I broke my wrist during my sleep. It really hurts and I can barely move it.


We're so busy today! I brought so much reading material but I haven't even been able to finish a page. The crazy thing is every call I've taken today has been about the exact same thing. I should just change my voicemail to give the answer to that question and then go home.

Also my water tastes like wet shoes.


I think I am have to go for sleep now.


I'm back, I've been napping. We have this great couch in the lobby. Now I'm eating sandwiches. I also bought a bottle of Aquafina from the machine, so I'm not drinking disgusto-water anymore.


Can we get rid of Donald Trump yet? Our society no longer needs him.

That sounds harsh. I'm not saying he shouldn't be allowed to live and do whatever it is he does, just get him off my tv already.

I started a new blog a while ago. You can see it on my profile, it's called How Many Roads Must a Man Walk Down. I'm probably going to change that though. The idea was that I'd put up some of older travelogue adventures from the pre-microsuede days. It would be a lot of work though, and I sleep too much to make it happen.


I got an e-mail from Japan and they addressed me as Bryton-san. That's cool.


Most of the day flew by, but the last half hour seems to be making up for the lost time. Please just let it be 3:30 already.

1220am Sunday

"I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" might be the worst lyrics of all time.

"Never challenge a Brazilian in a contest of nationality," warns the Olympic volleyball commentator. Duly noted.

I'm not at all impressed when Olympic records are broken. It happens every time. Just like box-office records.


  1. At least they make vitamin pills for you. I've been looking for Vitamin Sean pills forever.

  2. I really, really enjoy your blog through my google-reader at work, but I can't use it to post comments.

    I am at home and thought this would be a great opportunity to let you know I am reading and love your work.


  3. i feel the same way about olympic records. i just can't feel excited about them. i mean, i believe they're achievements...whatevs...

  4. Gosh darn. I was going to make a Vitamin-B-can-be-your-new-nickname joke, but stupid Sean beat me to it.