Monday, May 12, 2008


Ronnie freaking Price.

The bandage is on his head because he was fouled hard (with a vengeance) earlier in Sunday's game and bonked his noggin on the floor. But did that stop him? (it didn't)

Backing up. I didn't post much last week. I'd lost that lovin' feeling and didn't feel like doing any microsuedery. I'll be better this week though. I have some leftover items to get to later in the week maybe.

Thursday night a big gang ganged up and went to the Metropolitan. S'alright. The cheeseplate was great. I liked my dessert too. I also had a big crush on the waitress. Her name was "12."

Here's Scott with two lovely ladies, proving yet again that girls always go for the bad boy.

Friday night, Jazz v. Lakers at Pistol Pete's Mexican Grill. Though I wouldn't call the food "outrageous," it is quite good and it's nice to support the little guy in his fight against the Bajio'ses of the world. The tortilla soup was made almost to my exact specifications. See, I'm on something of a tortilla soup quest but I can never find an acceptable version.

Pistol Pete: "What is Phil Jackson complaining about? Probably his zen... or some... eastern philosophy."

Saturday morning I was supposed to go to breakfast for Lee's birthday, but I slept in. What's worse, when I woke up I had a message from Lee inviting me on an impromptu ghost town adventure. I love ghost town adventures! But I slept so long that I missed out. This is a real slap in the face. I need to change my lifestyle. I'm going to stop taking sleeping pills and see if that helps me get out of bed before 1:30pm.

Look what I missed out on!

Lisa sent me that picture. I wish I would have been there.

(see, it's called "B's," and my name is "B.")

Speaking of B's, Saturday night a few of us went to the Bees game in a combined celebration of mine and Lee's birthday (mine is Tuesday the 13th. don't forget).

Danny was there. I think this is one of the best photos I've ever taken.
We sat in the outfield grass. I've never been out there before. Is good time.

Remember how I hate in-game entertainment? Here they are playing a game called "Fish or Not a Fish." The game is exactly what you think it is.

Bees came back from 8-1 to win 9-8. Likely due to our constant hassling of opposing centerfielder Reggie Abercrombie.

Also Natali gave me a book (for my birthday) that I've been wanting to read. So the bar has been set kind of high for the rest of you.

Sunday! Jazz v. Lakers live at the Energy Solutions Arena!

This guy in the blue t-shirt had an important message for anyone within earshot: "Kobe sucks!" I appreciate his sentiment, but it just isn't true. Kobe won the MVP and all.

More harsh words for Kobe.

Encouragement written on the sky.

Last row baby!

Not exactly the last row. It was the last row of "real" seats, but there was a line of folding chairs behind us. This idiot Laker fan was providing color commentary throughout the whole game so at halftime we relocated. Nobody seemed to mind.

This stunt was very unnecessary. Pure danger.

Sports action!

Score was close near the end, so hoping to seal the victory the Jazz dancers pulled out all the stops and engaged in a bizarre Masonic ritual.

Tied? Oh no!

Don't worry, the Jazz dominated in overtime and won the game. The proof is in the confetti.



  1. It turns out my sister was at the Bees' game celebrating her birthday. She was sitting on the first base line. She says she could hear us in the outfield.

    Well, not so much you... but the rest of us...

  2. [img][/img]

  3. first of all, when I watched that game on sunday, I was telling Lee that I think Ronnie Price looks like Nelly. Then he went and put a bandage on his face, and wow! He totally looks like Nelly.

    Secondly, I'm guessing that guy yelling "kobe sucks!" probably meant something like "Kobe sucks (at not raping people)!"

  4. That one picture of Danny really is fantastic.

    Happy birthday B!

  5. i told you you not coming to breakfast would be horrible! its like i just know things.

  6. Rrrreginold Abercrombie!!!!

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