Monday, May 19, 2008

can i borrow your belt?

Friday. Game 6 in this epic Jazz/Lakers series. For the event I grilled my now famous B-Burgers (or Bryton Burgers d'Especiale). They were a hit.

Jazz game. Homecourt, fighting to stay alive in the post-season. Surely an easy win for our boys, forcing a decisive game seven. I predicted that we would explode out of the gate, going on a quick 12-0 run before the Lakers even scored.

Well not quite. The Jazz played like they were asleep and went into the half nineteen points down.

Some guys still had the fire though.


Seemed over when were down by eleven with a minute and a half left, but somehow we clawed our way back to pull as close as two points down. After a long foul-filled thirty seconds, the Jazz had possession, down by three, with only seconds remaining. Three point specialist Kyle "the Haircut" Korver got the ball, had a clear shot, but passed it. Two agonizing unsuccessful three point attempts later, and the season was over. Bummer. Also it felt like a metaphor for my wasted life.

Saturday, see previous entry.

That night I watched Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. It wasn't as bad as I'd heard, but it wasn't really necessary either. I really would have preferred to see what happened after the series ended instead of seeing what happened before it started.

From what I gather the original cut was five hours long and did have scenes set after the last episode. Oft-rumored director's cut DVDs never materialize though. Drag.

Sunday! More life wasting. Finally near the end of the day I accomplished something. Headed down to the Depot to see M.I.A. in concert.

Opening it up were the old school beats of the Egyptian Lover. He's been doing this for twenty-five years, and he will not let you forget it.

I enjoyed the skull-rattling bass, but I started to lose interest after about five minutes.

But somehow he found a way to renew my interest.

Trying some stuff out in photoshop. Trying to go for a James Bond opening credits vibe.

Maybe blue is better.

I worried that this might be too suggestive for the blog, so I whipped up a more family friendly version.

M.I.A.'s show started with a video of this weird Asian politician guy. If anyone knows who he is please tell because I'd like to do more research. I think the message of the video is that you shouldn't bother to vote.

M.I.A. didn't fake the funk.

Since we arrived before everyone else we had a great spot up front, but as the show went on I was edged out by sweaty shirtless hippies. Ah well. It was too hot up there anyway. Gatsby will have better pictures on his blog, eventually.
At one point she invited the entire audience up and stage to dance around like idiots. Then after the song ended it was all "get off the stage! everyone off! you're ruining everything!"


The end.

After the show this girl was preaching the merits of positive energy, and how we can use all this energy to create anything we want. We can use this energy to further the cause of peace. She insisted she was completely sober.

Here she is telling me that I spend too much time worrying about the brake lights up ahead. Also she's 28, just like me, which is important for the cosmic side of things.

She might have been crazy, but I still think I'll take out a "missed connections" ad on craigslist .


  1. that girl looks familiar.

    also, "At one point she invited the entire audience up and stage to dance around like idiots. Then after the song ended it was all "get off the stage! everyone off! you're ruining everything!""

    she did that when i saw her too! i've decided she is crazy. but it's ok. i accept her.

  2. I've been using positive energy to further the cause of war, so I essentially cancelled her out.