Tuesday, March 3, 2009

where have you gone, sally jupiter

It's windy outside and tomorrow is garbage day. I was just out and every garbage can in the city is tipped over. Who's gonna clean all this up? I will if I have to, but I'd prefer to not. Also I'm pretty sure I just saw a drunken Neil Young stumbling down the street.

I have a lot of pictures to post from Saturday. It was another Adventure Day, this time through... well I won't spoil it. I'll write about it later. I just don't have the energy right now. If you're a blogger, you understand.

What else though. I've been doing a lot of watching of stuff lately. Movies mostly. I watched Fight Club again on Friday. I twittered all about it, you may have noticed. I still like it. I don't necessarily agree with the philosophy behind it and I hope no one ever hits me, but I really enjoy that movie.

Watchmen! Pretty great. It's not perfect by any means and I do have some quibbles, but this is clearly the best possible movie that can be made from that source material. In fact now that the movie has had a chance to settle in, I think I enjoy it more now than I did right after I saw it (a few hours ago). It was an advance screening and it was a real who's who of the Salt Lake comic scene. Jeff Vice, Greg, Jimmy, Lucas, uh... Red Beard Headphones Guy, Big Forehead Guy, Always Looking for Back Issues of Deadpool Guy... yeah, the cream of the crop.

Would you believe I've never seen any Spike Lee Joint before? I watched Do the Right Thing this weekend with the Netflix instant watch dealio, which I didn't even know existed. I really like how stylized it was. A film doesn't have to be realistic to still be realistic, you know? I know it didn't win any Oscars but I figured it must have at least been nominated for Best Picture. Nope. Just goes to show. The Oscars are dumb. When was the last time anybody even heard of Driving Miss Daisy? According to the Oscars that was the best movie of 1989, and yet Do the Right Thing endures as one of the greatest American films of all time. Also, our current President took his Michelle to see it on their first date. So take that!

Speaking of the Oscars, winners always say "thank you" when they get their award. But shouldn't they be saying "you're welcome"? Don't you give people awards as a way of saying thank you to them? Thank you for your great sound editing, here's some gold.

Whatever. You don't come here to read about movies. You come here for grainy photos of hot babes. (that phrase will get me some google hits). Sunday I saw some performances by this performance collective/band. I think they're called The Women? The Lovers? We are Devo? Something like that. I'm not sure. None of them introduced themselves before playing. Which I think is rude. Nevertheless, they were all very talented and I'll be following their careers closely. Uncomfortably closely.

The one on the left is Hallie, who I think is a secret Friend of Microsuede? She's listed as a follower, I know that much. Hallie, if you're out there stop in and say hello.


  1. You know Mimi hasn't been at an advance screening since Iron Man. Maybe it was because she was booed and Sean's friend threw a thing at her head.

  2. Oh, man. Spike Lee's joints are high on my Netflix queue right now for the same reason. In fact, I think 'Do The Right Thing' is next up. You've never seen 'Inside Man'?

    We should watch his stuff together. Remember when we listened to "He Got Game" over and over a few weeks ago? Maybe we should check that one out together.

    Wait a second. Nevermind. You're a hip single du', and I'm on the downside of my coolness career (not really, though, just according to stereotypes). Besides, we have other things we have talked about watching (season 5 of The Wire, FNL s. 3, et cetera*) that we haven't yet. I am not committing you to anything anymore. I get it, okay.
    I'm just getting jealous is all.

    This was a really good blog.

    *= I believe the denoted "et cetera" is actually nothing. I think those two are the only things we have committed to watching.

  3. i'm jealous you got to see an early screening of Watchmen. jealous. horribly.

  4. i was sitting in my fiction workshop today and caught myself wondering why i was commenting on stories about vampires that had cured their allergy to the sun (no relief was mentioned about relief for gingers) and a genetically engineered/cloned (both at the same time, somehow) baby who contained (mysteriously) a virus that created a pandemic that killed pretty much everybody in the world who couldn't write in cursive.

    anyway, what i got out of the workshop: my professor went off for like five minutes about how excited he is for Watchmen. he said when he read it it changed his perspective on the world.

    so now i guess i have to read it before i see the movie. which has always been my excuse about the Bible and Quran as well.

    anyway, whatever name that band goes with (didn't we decide they should be "the girls"?), they were quite pleasing - to both the eyes and ears. you should become their online Don King.

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