Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today is my two year blogversary. Thanks for noticing, jerks.

You're not really jerks.

Well maybe you are, but you're jerks independent of whether or not you noticed.

I didn't even remember until I saw a thing Becky wrote about her own thing.

So uh... what ya been up to?


  1. oh so you forgot YOURS too, eh? eh? EH?

  2. Neither of you even knew each other back then, and now you're practically pregnant.

  3. Ha! I like that. +1 COMMENT too!

    Oh, and keep the new format.

  4. To understand a brief history of football, you be required to admit that for whatever reason, humans have a very good natural advise to punch things. Whether or not it's to give off frustration, or even for excitement, we use this even while not noticing.