Friday, January 23, 2009

lady ace has cool nikes

edit: 3/18/09 - sorry google searchers, this blog entry has nothing to do with Nikes and you will find no information here.

It's a valid question: if all I do is sit around all day, why haven't I updated the blog? I don't have an answer for that. In my week of unemployment I have accomplished nothing. I sit on my couch dickin' around on the internet. Maybe I'm loathe to blog because it would be a permanent record of my non-activity?

I guess I can't really say I've accomplished nothing. I have had a few occasions to colden my feet in the snow, and we'll talk about them now.

You probably saw that picture from my last post. What you may not have noticed is that in that picture I'm firing an assault rifle. Scott, who has recently resumed blogging and can be found on the Friends of Microsuede list, has amassed an impressive collection of firearms. I think he's up to sixteen? He collects WWII rifles and other non-WWII weapons. Guns are dangerous! But also pretty fun. Saturday we went shootin' because after the inauguration Obama was probably going to take his guns away.

When shootin' there's really only one appropriate type of furniture.

The mountains are vanishing. Somewhere under that haze of clouds is a city. People crying out in silence, unable to breathe. This was my first glimpse of the Inversion, which will become a major story in coming days.

The pictures may make it seem peaceful and isolated, but not quite.

There were a lot of gunmen on the road that day.

So that was Saturday. Let's check out another snowy adventure, Monday's trip to Roosevelt with Terrence and Lady Ace.

We found a frozen lake and of course Terrence had to go lay on it.

That's him there.

After initially balking I decided I wanted to get in on the frozen lake fun too so I went down there.


That ended up being kind of a mistake because I really don't do well with steep inclines. I blame my severe undiagnosed asthma and the old bullet lodged in my left lung (guns are dangerous, remember?)

The fun thing about Utah is you never know when you're going to run into a red rock desert. One minute snow and pine trees, the next:

The Duchesne/Roosevelt area was completely blanketed by fog. Indian Ghost Fog probably.

I think the sign just encourages them.

We went to Roosevelt to visit some friends, Suzanne and Jed. I don't actually know them very well, but they're good people and they have my endorsement.

Here's a thing in Roosevelt:

This road leads to Skinwalker Ranch, the Scariest Place on Earth. Look it up.

Satellite photo of Mars, or smashed jar of frozen pickles?

I like to think that someone was loading their groceries into their car, noticed that the pickles were frozen, then smashed them in anger. But the smashing probably came before the freezing.

Back at Jed and Suzanne's lovely home we made sushi. This is my first ever self-made sushi bar. Doesn't it look appealing? Mmmm, lumpy seaweed roll.

From right to left you can see the evolution of my sushi knifing abilities.

Something tastes like blue.

Rainbow Twizzlers: No.

The drive home was perilous because of the intense fog and speeding trucks. It was very Beatle-esque though. What with all the Beatles music.

If you'll pardon me, I have to go cough myself to death because of Salt Lake's poison air.


  1. At first you sucked at cutting soosh.

    (that was my favorite photo; I had an LOL about it)

  2. I really dig that photo of the sign in Roosevelt, and the one of you at the end there with the hookah.

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