Tuesday, September 16, 2008

many meetings, or things go better with coke

I've been lagging on the blog. I've been busy. So busy. With meetings. Important ones. Last week I had this early morning staff meeting I was pretty nervous about, but I had an ingenious plan: to drink whiskey throughout the meeting. I avoided detection by hiding my whiskey in an empty bottle of Aquafina. No one was the wiser.

Then yesterday after a long weekend I had to go out to find a new job. I had something promising set up, but it required me to trek to an abandoned library and walk through a maze of crates filled with human corpses. (true story).

It went well and I was offered a position (shortstop, zing!). I had more or less made up my mind, but sought first to seek the council of my trusted advisers.



They can say so much by saying so little.

So yeah, I was offered a job and I took it. I'm very excited. I don't want to talk about it just yet because it still doesn't feel "official," but stay tuned!

I had a good time at the zoo, post-interview. Acara went out of her way to show me her new toy.

She climbed up the fake trees and through the window into the adjacent pen (which as at floor level) and walked up to me at the window and held that thing up for me to see. She looked between it and me for a little bit than tossed it aside and went about her business. It was awesome.

Cute things overheard in the Ape House:

(little boy) "what if that gowiwa bwakes the gwass?"

(little girl) "hi my favorite orange monkey!"

(guy on cell phone) "when the f*** were you gonna tell me? that b**** can't even take care of one kid! f******************. This is such bullsh**!"

Going back a few days, last weekend I went for a hike (got out of the car and walked around a little bit). Nature! So grand!

Mike horses around on a rock.

I think this portrait of me is really funny.

"Wait I think I blinked!"

Going back many more days, the Bees season has come to an end. It was playoff time, against our hated rivals the Sacramento River Cats. We bought our tickets shortly before game time, and our seats were pretty good.

There's that old baseball phrase "close enough to read the iphone" and now it finally makes sense.

Baseball in September. There is nothing better than that.

That guy on deck, number 7, his nickname is Red-Ass. We know this because he said something rude to Lee on his way back to the dugout and then this guy, Buck Travis, gave us the scoop.

"Don't tell him I told you that though. He's my roommate and I don't want to hear about it all night."

The River Cats are such a boring team to watch. All they do is hit home runs. "Oh great. More guys running slowly around the base paths." Even worse, they cleanly catch and throw every ball hit to them. Where's the showmanship? Take a tip from the Bees and dive after balls only to miss by four feet. Maybe drop the ball on routine grounders, or close your eyes and swing as hard as you can at every pitch. That's how you play baseball.

Well how about that, the River Cats are on my tv right this very moment. Playing for the AAA championship. Guess I'll go watch that.


  1. New job? You too? Weird. Good luck with that until it's official...then Congratulations!!! :)

  2. new job? hurray for you! hope it's something fantastic.

    how is little blind monkey? still little... and blind?

  3. The purple sky baseball picture is so good! That's America!

  4. what Joel said. epic. nobody looking at it needs to know that the home team was deep in suckville that night. loved that story about little Acara. what a cutie.

  5. i went to the zoo recently. did you see the really old monkey who has arthritis and all it's fur is coming off? so sad. he looked like he was in so much pain with every step he took.

  6. Yes, Becky, Bryton did see that particular monkey you describe. He wept all night.

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