Wednesday, September 3, 2008

apropos of nothing, i don't like this speech i'm watching right now

"... when the iron beasts rolled by Ricky didn't see progress, or the continent coming together. He didn't hear the sound of capitalism and industry in the chugging steam engines. All he saw was the shrinking of the Great American West; the end of the last era that a man could truly be free..."

Saturday I wanted to see Boulder, because I love hip and happenin' college towns. We didn't get going until late in the afternoon, since we are nothing if not late sleepers. I needed the extra sleep though as I was stuck on an air mattress that wouldn't stay inflated (due to user error).

"Hey Mike, I get to sleep on the couch tonight."

"No! The whole way down you insisted that I would take the couch and you would sleep on the 'comfortable' air mattress."

"Yeah but... I changed my mind."

"Sean, B.'s trying to steal the couch."

"Hmmm. Then we shall cut the couch in half, and divide it equally."

"No no, I'd rather see B. have it then destroy the couch."

"Problem solved! Alright."

Boulder? Boulder. Check this out.

Mustard's Last Stand! Ahahaha. Get it? I haven't seen a dining establishment that cleverly named since Humphrey Yogart.

Do you like hippies? Do you like street performers? If yes, then you will love Boulder. Actually it's a nice little town. I quite liked it. It's very pedestrian friendly and there is ample parking.
I think this is city hall or the court house or something. It reminds me of Tetris.

Neath here lies buried a time capsule from 1977. To be opened in 2075.

I'm guessing that inside is a Star Wars poster, Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, an 8x10 of Jimmy Carter, Mork...

No Pete! Didn't you learn anything from Tax-Evasion Charlie's?

Huh. I've always wondered what those things were for.

Wait, neon is near. I can hear it humming. Also I can see it.

While taking these pictures I learned that in Boulder people get very upset if you don't know the answer to the ages-old question, "Where da party at?" Apparently "I'm not from here, I just want to look at this sign" will earn you nothing but scorn.

Check out this photo segue.

Back to Denver to see the Rockies of Colorado take on the Cincinnati Redlegs. Remember last year when I was all into the Rockies? Well I'm still a big Rockies fan, helped largely by the fact that I can watch their games on basic cable. It was only two days before the DNC started so we had to run a blockade to get into the city, but we got there reasonably on time.

Great view from the park.

The Reds are one of the most storied teams in baseball. In fact, they're the oldest still-surviving team. They're not doing very well this year, and I can see why. These guys need to grow up.

"I'm not moving until you reverse that call. I'm not moving!"

The Reds are like the Bad News Bears but without the heart. These jokers don't even care enough to get in position!

Great game! Last time I went to a Rockies game the crowd was dead and the game was boring. This one was close and the place was full of energy. The Rockies even have a shot at the playoffs, no doubt thanks to me.

One of my favorite players, Troy Tulowitski. Look at the ball flying off his bat!

He grounded out to the shortstop.

"Yeah, I work for Major League Baseball."

"Oh? What do you do?"

"Whatever the commissioner needs. The team couldn't take the field without me."

Laser eye!

The Boys!


WTF? It's bad enough that they're destroying Beatles songs, but now the Jonas Bros. are pro-fur too?

The important thing is...

...somewhere on this block is a 420 High Street.

Ah, the bachelor life. The contents of Sean's fridge (all of the boxes are empty):

Sunday morning, er, afternoon, time to go. Sean was sad.

But probably not as sad as he would be when he saw what Mike left in the tub.

Someone dropped some Midwest in northern Colorado.

The stormy plains of Wyoming.



  1. Mustard's Last Stand? Wow, how many flavors of mustard were there? And did they have the option of sugar, cake, and waffle cones?

  2. sean has no beard? since when has sean had no beard?

  3. At last, pictures of Sean! We were beginning to think your "idiot" (not) brother Sean was a figment of your imagination.

  4. I just wanted to say that I really like your new glasses.

  5. I don't miss Sean's beard much at all. He doesn't need it, in my opinion, although if I were a dude I know at some point I'd have to grow me a beard. And I dig Mike's hair. And I love a lot of these photos esp the midwest one and the one with all the nighttime neon and cars and such.

  6. did you go to denver because i told you to? in that one comment. a while back? i KNEW it!

  7. Yep. I said "next person that tells me what to do, that's what I'm doing."

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