Friday, July 10, 2009

where have i been?

Alright, Summer of 2009 has not been kind to the ol' blog. My lack of updates has been some combination of being too busy, not having enough energy, and just being too splenetic to care about this anymore. But I'm still very much in the game and hoping to get back in business. So! We need to play catch up. Last weekend this happened:

Instead of writing about that, I will write about other stuff. Like here's a crane I made. I'm really good at making cranes. Around the local crane scene they call me The Natural.

Somewhere along the line my brother turned into this. I don't know what happened. One day as a prank I switched his 1998 NBA Finals DVD with a Cure CD and next thing I knew...

This is Cash making a "Bryton Face." So... that's what I look like to Cash.

I went to a soccer game for a work outing. Nice stadium we have ourselves here.

My favorite part was the churros. That's usually my favorite part of anything.

After the match American Idol finalist and Murray resident David Archuletta sang and the teenyboppers clapped their hands with delight.

He seems like a nice kid. When he was in the running for America's Idol he was the talk of the town around Murray.

But things took a harsh turn as soon as he lost.

June 6 was the 45th Anniversary of D-Day, so I watched Band of Brothers again.

Found some haunted cereal over at Mattsby's house.

And a rather rude and assumptive message on the bathroom wall at Dee's.

Hey look! Some leaves!

On a rare sunny Saturday I visited a Temple of the Lord an an exploratory journey. No one ever told me about the oxen.

Then I visited this Temple of County Government. Sharp-eyed readers will notice that this picture is almost identical to one I posted last year round this time.

Alright. Next time Seattle maybe. Unless I don't feel like it.


  1. You better freaking feel like it!

  2. Sorry that was rude. If you could possibly see your way to feeling like it that would be swell.

  3. the fact that you are so busy doing "things" and "stuff" and i haven't seen you in ages is upsetting to me.

  4. I'm with joy...please bless you feel like it!

  5. Tell me that is not my son in picture No. 3.
    Cash, don't grow up. BTW, nice Bryton impersonation. You got him pegged, that's pretty much the way he looks to all of us.

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