Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seattle part 2: a fish in the percolator

So here's the problem with the driving all night plan. We get to Seattle at 730 in the AM, then sleep til mid-afternoon, then spend the rest of the weekend all sorts of groggy. Had we stopped for the night in Boise we would have arrived about the same time we were re-waking up, but instead been refreshed from a good night's sleep. Sometimes it pays to think things through, I guess.

There was really only one thing I wanted to accomplish on this trip, and that was to see where Pearl Jam went to high school.

All down hill from here.

Does this look appetizing or gross? Not the food itself, just the picture. I like taking close-up pictures of my food okay?

Well just so you know it was good. So good I had two plates worth.

This hotel is fireproof. These days we're so concerned about wi-fi and thread counts that we've forgotten that fireproof was once a luxury.

Nathaniel is a skilled tour guide and he took us down to North Bend/Schcenectity to see some of the sites that made up the fictional town of Twin Peaks.

I watched Twin Peaks when it was first on the air. I was 10 years old. I really liked it but maybe I didn't quite get it? I'd like to think I did. I was a smart little guy. I watched it again recently when the fancy gold box DVD came out, one episode per night for about two straight weeks. Heckuva show.

Here's the Great Northern Hotel. Pretty remarkable view regardless of any idiot-box connections.

Ronette Polaski's bridge. (right now people that have never seen Twin Peaks are tuning out)

The train tracks have been replaced with a bike path, and the tragic zombie-woman has been replaced with a fat blogger.

Very serene place, especially in that pre-sunset time.

This was not easy to find, but thanks to modern marvels we tracked down the Packard Saw Mill -

- and the sheriff's office.

The saw mill is long abandoned and would have made for some great adventuring but it was almost dark and there were too many no trespassing signs. Actually the no trespassing signs weren't as bothersome as the black mid-'80s Cadillac that stood sentry. I didn't want to run into the guy that belonged to that car. It might have been Bob.

The Double-R diner. We got there past closing but I guess it burned down a few years ago and didn't look the same inside anyway. Could have learned a thing or two from the fireproof hotel.

I don't think this was in Twin Peaks, but I like the way it looks nonethesame.

Back to Seattle!
We went to Beth's Cafe, which promotes my third favorite sin.

It was full of Zombies. Earlier in the night there was a zombie gathering that set the record for most idiots funlovers gathering together and acting like zombies.

Beth's walls are covered in cren drawings commemorating those that have passed before. This was mighty clever.

You see, it's play on the painting that says "ceci n'est pas une pipe," but instead of a Pipe it's R.E.M singer Michael Stipe! Jajajajajaja!

Beth's specialty is a 12 pound omelette or something. I didn't try it. I got the omelette burger instead.

After supping Nathaniel was nice enough to take me around to see some of his favorite neon! What a great day.



  1. "Achievement is its own reward. Pride obscures it."
    Words of wisdom spoken in that diner. The one
    (& only) thing I took away from my days of watching Twin Peaks.

  2. So jealous of the Twin Peaks tour!

  3. great post, enjoyed reading. it was a great show...going to maybe watch again too :)

  4. First, your food looks delicious. Second, I loved the city's picture at night and third, the last one is so cool. I love playing with the light the same way you did on that photograph.

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