Wednesday, June 11, 2008

is it supposed to be a noun or a verb?

I got a new camera recently. Maybe two months ago. Right after I got back from Chicago. Did you even notice? I did a lot of research and got an older model that's praised for it's ability to take low light shots. Those are practically the only type of shots I take. Concerts, outdoor signs, parties. I hate using a flash. Not only does it look terrible, with the burning white skin and the scary red eyes, but I want to take pictures discreetly. Nothing ruins a party (and I mean nothing) like some jerk with a flash. And it's weird to take pictures of your food if you're using a flash too. Draws unwanted attention. What the hell is my point here...

Oh! New camera, good at low light shots. I'm not so sure about it. For one thing, the interface is slightly awkward. I guess I can get used to that over time. But I'm not so sure the shots are that much better than my old camera. I've been meaning to take both cameras out for a side by side comparison, but I am lazy. Here's a pseudo comparison though.

The left side was taken Friday night. The right side was taken last fall. Looks like the new one can capture violet, which most cameras can't do, but otherwise the temperature is a little too cold.

And you know (don't you?) how I love my blurry streaky light shots. Not as easy to do with the new one. I'm happy with this though.

The reason I was at Bar Deluxe this time was the same as last time, oddly enough. I was there to see the band F*** the Informer, featuring a couple of my old friends. Whenever I go to their shows it's like a high school reunion.

Opening was a local band Dubbed.

(camera phone picture)

Tell me that isn't the most precise mohawk you've ever seen. These guys weren't half bad, and Johnny Mohawk was an affable fellow.

There was a tense moment when some guy said "Hey, watch this shit. Don't let anyone take this shit," and then disappeared. I watched that shit like a hawk, and no one took anything. No one even expressed interest in it.

Here's a ska band from some sleepy little town called Mexico City. Nino Zombi!

They were fun. You can't really tell from the picture but whenever the trumpeteer wasn't trumpeting he was playing his trumpet like a guitar.

Here's my dudes, F*** the Informer. The drummer is an old friend of mine but I don't see him very often. The singer I probably haven't really talked to since Jr. High. I think we went trick or treating together once. Maybe 6th Grade?

Good times.


  1. I dare say if you were a purist as opposed to say an "artist" you'd pick the shot on the left.

  2. watching shit is always stressful

  3. My hope is that there will soon be a No Flash revolution. Students with beards with take to the streets, smashing flashes in their wake, and taking glorious photos of the ensuing riots.

  4. taking shit is more stressful

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