Monday, June 16, 2008

he's from the future AND the past

Jiminy Christmas, I am one tired gato. What's my problem? Always with the tiredness? Hopefully science can tell me someday.

Well I'm back from the weekend, and already working for the next one. Friday night I hung out with Emily and the Orson Welles cat.

Like the real Orson Welles, this guy loves having his belly scratched.

We hopped into my new car and went on a driving tour of Salt Lake City landmarks. I'm hoping to market this tour and be able to quit my job. We saw the Capital, the Temple, Grand America, Trolley Square, This is the Place, Trax, the Hoberman Arch, President's Circle at the U, Cafe Rio, and the Cathedral of the Madeline. The expanded tour will include the Tower Theater and Liberty Park. Best thing is, the whole thing can be completed in fifteen minutes!

Saturday I almost went to the Farmer's Market. I'm glad I didn't because I'm told there was no produce. How do these farmers ever hope to compete without produce?

Remember how my old car, Betty, got all broken? Well I didn't really take it to a dumpster. It's been sitting in the driveway. An attempt to remove the starter motor failed due to poor design, so I had it towed to Wayne's, the only car place I trust.

Turns it wouldn't start because the Occam's Razor was broken. It's still at the shop, and will be for a while so that it's in tip top shape when I sell it. By the way, any interested parties out there? $30,000 or best offer.

Saturday night, a party hosted by Cosmo:

The party was in honor of Katie (leaving town) and Ashley (returning to town). They're linked over there. >>>

It was a garden party, obviously.

Us dudes played croquet, and Lee took an early lead (like the Lakers).
Unfortunately, Lee blew it (like the Lakers).
Scott ended up winning, and I knew he would because that guy is pretty good at croquet. I'm always saying that about him.

Sunday! Family gathering. The Valley was covered with a thin translucent film.

My aunt tried to get rid of her salmonella tomatoes by pawning them off on me. I know better than that! I'm on to your tricks!

Here's me.
What am I smiling at? Probably this.

Watched the Celtics/Lakers game. The Lakers (jerks) won, but they can't hope to win in Boston if they keep playing like that (crappy). I just don't understand why Kevin McHale doesn't take it inside more often. Big man's got to own the paint.


  1. Sweet! You got one of those picture in pitcher cameras.

  2. Cosmo is such a party animal.

    get it?

  3. saturday was so funny. i wrote it about it in all my diaries. secret and top secret.

  4. i like your garden party pictures. especially the lanterns in the trees