Wednesday, April 2, 2008

avril fooling

the other night I had the fellas over for burgers. see?

probably the last dudes/sports/grilling affair at my apartment, good ol' 4C. it was a lot of fun. i really regret not having people over more often.

there was someone that wasn't quite so keen on the idea of me firing up the grill. THE GOOSE!

"hissssssss." no wonder it wakes me up every morning. it lives outside my bedroom window. and it's laid eggs! it's made its home on my balcony, and top of that nest-like tarp. so this is awkward because you're not allowed to touch or move the eggs or hassle with a migratory bird's nest (per federal regulations) so i'm not sure what to do about this.


  1. Isn't that just like the fed to stick their noses where they don't belong - in a goose's nest.

  2. Just get a cat. What are they going to do? Send the cat to jail?

    Of course, then the cat will probably have kittens. And they hiss too.

    It will turn into a hissing contest.
    Hissing, honking and caterwauling. A regular barnyard cacophony.

  3. I understand that goose isn't the only one who laid an egg recently.

  4. We gotta name her!

  5. Mother Goose?

    (Finally a fresh post!)