Monday, December 21, 2009

Days of Peaches, Nights of Thunder

Well, that was something wasn't it? The whole Twilight thing. I spend four hours one night making my silly little lolcats and next thing I know everything blows up! I went viral, so I guess that's one more thing I have in common with bird flu. It's all been quite fun, but I think it's time to press onward and get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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Back to what this blog does best: Adventure! This was a fine Saturday back in September, where Lady Elin, TR, Terrence, and I went on a trip to Ferron, Utah for the annual Peach Days festival (not to be confused with Brigham City's own Peach Days festival, which I'm sure is inferior) (and in turn should not be confused with Hurricane's Peach Days festival, which may or may not be inferior but is probably pronounced all weird).

Where is Ferron? Nobody knows. It's not on what anyone would consider a beaten path, though it does have a claim to fame: in the '90s it produced three champion bull riders.

It's a ways into the desert, past the Viking burial mounds.

Peach Days was packed with big events. Starting with the soapbox derby race.

Yeah, I would have thought the one on the left would have done better too. Seems more aerodynamic. Probably didn't want it bad enough.

The lil' tykes would race down hill and then get towed back up by four-wheelers.

After the races we went to find the town's social hot spot.

Then lunch at the (shudder) Grub Box.

I didn't want to eat there. Growing up "grub" was a slang term meaning that someone had touched your food with their damn dirty hands. As in "Looks like someone grubbed the chicken. Better throw it away."

Rich guy like this means one thing...

...high stakes horse racing.

That's a good picture, that one there.

Some of the racers had themselves fancy racing pants and flamboyant silks, while some had t-shirts, jeans, and bike helmets. The fancy guys always ended up winning.

Adjourned to a park for some grass layin'. A horrible crime took place in that tree.

Just outside of town is a canyon leading into the Manti-LaSal National Forest. That is some stunning scenery up there.

Something eerie about this partially dry lake bed.

The final event of the day: DEMOLITION.

Then the sky exploded and it got dark.

I think I've said this before, but the best part of the Demoliton Derby is when the cars crash into each other.
You know what? At no point during Peach Days did I consume a peach. I didn't even see a Peach. Huh.


  1. Great photos as always. Like the action shots of horses and cars. And the dried mud. Cool!!!

  2. Hey, I was going to say "great photos as always" too!

    I never made it to Ferron's Peach Days; glad to see it exists. wonderful desert shots too.

  3. Amazing photo you have shared. really it's shoot by expert person.

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