Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sing me scottish emo

A couple weeks ago three Scottish bands you've never heard of came into town and put on what is probably the best show I've ever seen. And all for ten bucks.

These kids. I like these kids. We Were Promised Jetpacks. This song of their's is my favorite song of 2009 so far. Listen to the urgency!

It's a good song maybe to sing really loud to in your car, but only at night because singing in your car is something that only dorks do.

It was a funny show because I ran into dozens of people that I knew and even though it was at the Noise Hole there weren't really any scenesters there. Mostly normal folk and these two really weird dancing guys that I wanted to savagely mock but then realized that they were having the time of their lives and am I really so jaded as to savagely mock such sincerity and enthusiasm? Also it was too dark to get a good picture of their goofy dance moves.

The Twilight Sad, one of the most apt band names you'll find (because all they're songs are about how sad they are that the movie version of Twilight wasn't better).

No but really they're sound is BIG. A real vortex of noise with a melody hidden in the chaos. I like their new record because the drums sound so good, and they sounded just as good live thanks to the Animal-like drummer.

I was going to post the video for their great new single "I Became a Prostitute" but the video has ass and nipple in it and though I'm going to watch it again I'm not going to post it, 'cause you know gotta keep up appearances.

The headliner was Frightened Rabbit. Like the previous two bands, they brought it and brought it hard. Their number "The Twist" is my favorite song of this year that came out last year. I'd post that song but there's only live versions on youtube.

Here they are finishing up the set. Bad composition and camera work on my part but I just like the frantic strumming and the drums.


  1. Haha! Once again: So funny!

    "they're songs are about how sad they are that the movie version of Twilight wasn't better"

    "though I'm going to watch it again I'm not going to post it"

    So awesome.

    And the concert was even more awesome!

  2. OK, wait a second, their name is "We Were Promised Jetpacks"? Wow. funny how sometimes the greatest bands have the strangest names! I bet these guys are good. Many people have already told me about them.

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